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5 Real Things More Appalling Than George Santos’ Fake Resume

Rep. Cori bush
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It doesn’t matter if George Santos is the lowliest of low-lifes. And the people who elected and warmly welcomed to the Senate John Fetterman certainly don’t get to act like it does.


A few nerds (sometimes referred to as “journalists”) were on standby over the past few days, waiting for New York Republican Representative-elect George Santos to explain why there was no evidence of the sterling educational background and work history that he professed to have during his 2022 campaign for Congress. The predictable and underwhelming answer is that he lied about it and no, he doesn’t plan to resign.

Where is there a person in America who still cares about the personal biographies of the people they elect? None of it — literally none of it — matters. Being a U.S. veteran doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person is smart or good. If it did, Democrat Army vet Rep. Bobby Rush would be a role model for children rather than a race hustler who funneled tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to his criminal son. (It was for “field” work.)

In any event, what Santos lied about — that he went to an exclusive college and worked in Wall Street financing — is nothing compared to some of the true things that have happened in Congress lately. Here are five of them:

  1. The Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, told everyone to indefinitely lock themselves in their homes with a mask strapped to their faces. Then she paid a visit to a hair salon for a private primping while wearing no mask, a violation of San Francisco ordinances requiring that such businesses be closed to the public and that residents wear a mask when outside the home. When her illegal jaunt to the salon was found out, she made up a story about it being a “setup” intended to embarrass her.
  2. Far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders, who came very close to becoming the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee, declared America to be “a racist society from top to bottom.” A sitting senator can condemn the entire country and its people to hell as hateful, prejudiced bigots, and be applauded for it. But an incoming House member is expected to resign because he lied about going to college. Hilarious.
  3. Cori Bush, Democrat of Missouri and all-around waste of a human, can barely string a sentence together but advocates for the abolition of police departments. When the congresswoman was asked to answer why she retains private security while demanding that others give up their right to safety, this was her full answer: “I have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now. I have private security because they, the white supremacist, racist narrative that they drive into this country — the fact that they don’t care that this black woman that has put her life on the line — they can’t match my energy, first of all. This black woman who puts her life on the line. They don’t care that I could be taken out of here. They actually are probably okay with that. But this is the thing, I won’t let them get that off. You can’t get that off.” If anyone should be asked to resign, it’s the illiterate Cori Bush.
  4. To this day, there exists a leading Democrat who said that some minorities have no claim to their ethnicities if they have a different opinion than hers. “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley said at a conference in 2019. “We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” That’s an accepted, mainstream view within the Democrat Party. Indeed, within Congress itself. (But aren’t you bothered that George Santos never really worked at Goldman Sachs?!)
  5. Rosa DeLauro, who looks like a homeless transvestite, on purpose, walks the halls of Congress with confidence as an elected representative.

It doesn’t matter if George Santos is the lowliest of low-lifes. And the people who elected and warmly welcomed to the Senate John Fetterman, a man who received an allowance from his parents through his 40s, certainly don’t get to act like it does.

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