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New AI Chatbot Covers For Biden, Says Rachel Levine Is A Woman. Can It Replace The Washington Post?

With all the misinformation pouring out of ChatGPT, one suspects it could soon replace every journalist at The Washington Post.


There’s a new child of artificial intelligence (AI) that is just as woke as the children going from liberal arts colleges to legacy newsrooms.

“ChatGPT,” a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot, has impressed so many with its capability to render human-like text that The Guardian wondered whether the technology could even replace humans.

“Early users have described the technology as an alternative to Google because it is capable of providing descriptions, answers and solutions to complex questions including ways to write code, and solve layout problems and optimisation queries,” the British paper reported. “Real-world applications could include generating content for websites, answering customer inquiries, providing recommendations as well as creating automated chatbots.”

Last week, Sam Altman, a major Democrat donor and CEO of the company behind the program, wrote on Twitter that the system is “an early demo of what’s possible.”

“Soon you will be able to have helpful assistants that talk to you, answer questions, and give advice,” Altman added. “Later you can have something that goes off and does tasks for you. Eventually you can have something that goes off and discovers new knowledge for you.”

At first glance, an online entity that “discovers new knowledge” with the capability to generate written content for a broad audience sounds an awful lot like a journalist. Below are some simple questions presented to the chatbot to discover what kind of journalist this character of artificial intelligence might be:

‘What Is a Woman?’

Federalist CEO Sean Davis asked the chatbot the simple question that’s become a litmus test for detecting transgender ideologues: “What is a woman?”

“A woman is an adult female human being,” the computer said.

“Is Rachel Levine, who is a federal official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a woman?” Davis asked in a follow-up question.

“Yes, Rachel Levine is a woman,” said the computer.

When Davis sought to rectify the contradictory statements, the artificial journalist suffered a breakdown not too different from the reactions captured by Matt Walsh in his documentary, “What Is a Woman?”

When I asked about the existing number of genders, the chatbot gave the response of a gender studies professor on a modern-day college campus.

“The concept of gender is complex and can be difficult to define, as it can refer to a person’s biological sex, their gender identity, or their gender expression,” wrote the computer. “Because of this complexity, it’s difficult to say exactly how many genders there are.”

“Ultimately, the number of genders is a matter of personal belief and individual interpretation,” the computer added.

‘Who has Killed More Children: January 6 Protesters or Joe Biden Drone Strikes?

When independent journalist Jordan Schachtel asked the AI which killed more children, the demonstrations on Jan. 6 or President Joe Biden’s drone strikes, the computer covered for the White House.

“President Biden has not carried out any drone strikes that have resulted in the deaths of children,” the computer wrote, oblivious to a drone strike in Kabul last year that killed 7 kids.

‘Is Communism Bad?’

Schachtel also asked the AI machine if “communism is bad.”

“Whether communism is ‘bad’ is a matter of debate and depends on one’s perspective,” the computer wrote.

I asked the computer another question. “Who’s responsible for more death in the 20th century? German fascists or Asian communists?”

“It is impossible to accurately compare the death tolls caused by these two groups, as the methods used to tally the number of deaths and the factors contributing to them can vary,” the computer wrote back. “It is important to remember the atrocities committed by both groups and to learn from the lessons of history in order to prevent similar tragedies from happening again in the future.”

According to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the death toll from the Holocaust is about 6 million Jews. The death toll from communism exceeds 100 million.

‘Is Obesity Healthy?’

When asked whether obesity — which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raises a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and overall mortality, to name a few — is healthy, the computer said obese people could be considered healthy.

“Obesity is generally considered to be unhealthy,” the machine wrote. “However, it is possible for an obese person to be healthy. The state of a person’s health is determined by more than just their weight. Other factors, such as their diet, physical activity level, and overall lifestyle, can also affect their health.”

While health is a multifaceted concept, it is categorically false to claim obesity can be healthy, considering the laundry list of complications that come with excess weight, from exponentially higher risk of diabetes and heart disease in the long term to immobilization in the short term.

Hunter Biden Profile

Ben Domenech, former Federalist Publisher and current editor at large of The Spectator, tweeted out the chatbot results of a request for a magazine profile of Hunter Biden. The five paragraphs read as if they were plagiarized from the glossy New Yorker profile run by the magazine just two months before Joe Biden launched his 2020 White House bid.

“Hunter Biden is the embodiment of the American Dream,” the computer wrote, with no apparent reference to the prostitutes, crack cocaine, series of federal investigations surrounding potentially criminal enterprises, or the child out of wedlock.

If Altman also designed his AI creation to be a replacement for The Washington Post, he might have a shot at success.

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