Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone is a storyteller who looks at culture, politics, and religion from a different POV on his YouTube channel Nate on the Stone, and who exercises the moral imagination in his writing. A lover of books, music and the outdoors (especially with dogs) he earned a masters in American history from Liberty University in 2016. Subscribe to his channel and follow him on Twitter.
$120,000 Banana Proves Today’s Hip ‘Artists’ Are Out To Destroy Beauty

‘Comedian,’ the $120,000 piece of ‘banana art,’ reminds us today’s top artists define beauty all wrong. Artists are in this sense responsible for the shallow and ugly world we live in today — and nothing about it is comedic.

Prostitution Should Stay Illegal Because Consent Is A Garbage Minimum Standard For Goodness

Arguments for legalizing prostitution hinge on two points: What consenting adults do is nobody’s business but theirs, and freedom requires allowing people to sell sex.

‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Offers A Timely Lesson On The Importance Of Mythology

Although it seems doomed for box office failure, ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ stands out as a children’s movie that refuses to rehash the same old lessons.