Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone

Nathan Stone is a storyteller who looks at culture, politics, and religion from a different POV on his YouTube channel Nate on the Stone, and who exercises the moral imagination in his writing. A lover of books, music and the outdoors (especially with dogs) he earned a masters in American history from Liberty University in 2016. Subscribe to his channel and follow him on Twitter.

Why New York City’s Feminist Medusa Statue Gets Everything Wrong

By inverting the myth of Perseus, a new sculpture in New York City transforms good into evil, heroism into oppression, and men into monsters.

What Ray Bradbury Can Teach Us About How To Cultivate Creativity

As civilization crumbles around us, Bradbury and his fiction offer several primordial lessons we would be prudent to reconsider.

Civilizational Confidence Is The Key To Preserving And Restoring America

The revolutionary moment sweeping everything away from us will not ultimately be defeated until we regain our civilizational confidence as Americans.

Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not Stopped

The outrage over statues and the ‘white’ depictions of Christ is meant to detract us from the real endgame: the ‘canceling’ of Christianity itself.

Why Chinese Students Studying In America Need To Learn Shakespeare

It’s absurd to claim Sen. Tom Cotton was saying Shakespeare was American simply because he said Chinese students should learn about the playwright ‘from America.’ Shakespeare understood ordered liberty.

$120,000 Banana Proves Today’s Hip ‘Artists’ Are Out To Destroy Beauty

‘Comedian,’ the $120,000 piece of ‘banana art,’ reminds us today’s top artists define beauty all wrong. Artists are in this sense responsible for the shallow and ugly world we live in today — and nothing about it is comedic.

Prostitution Should Stay Illegal Because Consent Is A Garbage Minimum Standard For Goodness

Arguments for legalizing prostitution hinge on two points: What consenting adults do is nobody’s business but theirs, and freedom requires allowing people to sell sex.

‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Offers A Timely Lesson On The Importance Of Mythology

Although it seems doomed for box office failure, ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ stands out as a children’s movie that refuses to rehash the same old lessons.