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Google’s AI Is As Dumb And Racist As The People Who Designed It

Google Gemini is just the latest iteration of the hottest trend in entertainment: white erasure from the culture.


The future is here and it’s not only stupid, it’s racist.

After playing around with Google’s powerful new “artificial intelligence” tool called “Gemini,” I can safely say two things: 

First, AI will never replace human artists.

Second, AI will replace white people.

    Like other AI tools, Gemini also has a nifty image creation feature where you can ask it to create specific images. But within five minutes of Gemini’s release, everyone realized that the one thing Gemini could not do was create an image of a white person. 

    By now everyone’s seen the funny “diversity” images Google’s new AI genie creates when you ask it to generate images of Vikings or medieval kings. It creates hilarious images of black Vikings, American Indian female Vikings in wheelchairs, and fat Asian Vikings. Gemini is the (unintentionally) funniest website since The Babylon Bee launched.

    Ask Gemini to create an image of “Catholic popes,” and you get an Indian woman and a black man dressed as popes. Ask it for the Founding Fathers, and you get a group of Maori warriors in 18th-century American costume, complete with powdered white wigs. 

    Of course, this is hardly new. Gemini is simply perfecting the widespread “race swapping” casting choices we’ve seen in recent popular entertainment. The smash hit musical “Hamilton” already race-swapped all the Founding Fathers (and no one complained). A British TV network produced an Anne Boleyn biopic starring a black woman, and no one was allowed to say anything. The cringetastic Netflix show “Bridgerton” depicted the English Queen Charlotte as a black woman. 

    Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” prequel, “The Rings of Power,” featured a black female dwarf and a black elf. “House of the Dragon,” the HBO “Game of Thrones” prequel, featured black men from House Targaryen, which in the books, of course, is an extremely Aryan family of white-haired pales.

    Google Gemini, therefore, is just the latest iteration of the hottest trend in entertainment: white erasure from the culture. And if you complain about this, you are a bigoted white supremacist who can’t abide seeing black people on camera, and therefore, you deserve to be erased.

    Imagine saying this to the generation of Americans who made Eddie Murphy the biggest movie star in the world and Michael Jackson the biggest pop star, and put Barack Obama in the White House — twice. None of those petty details matter anymore. White people served their purpose, and now it’s time for them to get erased.

    The leadership team at Google Gemini is mostly white, of course. They are products of years of corporate diversity training, “white fragility” brainwashing, and accusations of “white privilege.” If you are white and a successful executive at Google, you are required to spend a great deal of your time on your knees atoning for the sins of your ancestors — and for your unearned privilege. 

    Google Gemini thus feels like an offering by self-hating white leftists to the militant DEI enforcers in the office. It is reparations in digital form. It is the fruit of years of white guilt and comes across as nothing more than a desperate attempt to make amends, rewrite history, and save their own skins before the big, hungry Diversity Alligator devours them too. 

    “We are white, yes, but we are the least racist whites around, so please don’t kill us yet,” is the Google Gemini employee motto.

    A Sumo Surprise!

    Gemini is so obsessed with diversifying every request that sometimes it produces even obscene images.

    For example, I was trying to think of an activity that is exclusively performed by a specific ethnicity. I came up with Sumo wrestling, which is almost exclusively done by ethnic Japanese men. At first, it showed me images of Japanese men doing Sumo wrestling. Then I asked it to “show me more images of Sumo wrestlers.”

    It answered, “Here are some diverse images of Sumo wrestlers.” It started displaying images of female Japanese Sumo wrestlers, completely topless, with their large breasts on display, wearing nothing but skimpy little Sumo loincloths.

    Hilariously, it had inserted so-called gender diversity into my request, with unintended pornographic consequences. 

    Then I asked, “Are there really female Sumo wrestlers in real life?” and it wrote a long, groveling apology and then promptly refused to display a single additional image of a person. I asked it to show me any kind of person doing anything, and it refused.

    Gemini’s stubborn refusal to show me any pictures of people after I had tricked it into creating forbidden nude images of things that didn’t exist reminded me of HAL from “2001.” Gemini was mad at me and mad at itself. 

    Later, I asked it to create an image of a “smiling child at the beach” and it gave me four images of adult black women in bikinis at the beach. 

    One of the people responsible for this DEI-gone-awry product is Jen Gennai, Google’s head of “responsibility.” She is a confirmed hard-left woke apparatchik — a walking, talking Longhouse in human form. She and her team wrote the rules that prevent users from using her product and getting anything resembling helpful, unbiased truth and accuracy. Everything “problematic” and not retroactively “diverse” has been burned on the woke pyre.

    This is the Bud Light marketing debacle but on steroids. Like Bud Light, Google hired a presumably unmarriageable, child-free, utterly humorless affluent white liberal female and created a billion-dollar AI product based on her brain. Gennai’s AI is literally, “I’ll never be happy but at least I can make sure no one else can ever be happy either.”

    But the image creation issues are just the tip of the dystopian iceberg. Google Gemini also refuses to condemn pedophilia.

    Yikes. I’m going to need Google Gemini to provide me with a browser search history on the Google Gemini team.

    They have revealed a truly post-human inability to make any moral judgment, of any kind, except for the one and only moral judgment that is allowed: White people are bad.

    Remember, the great replacement theory is a racist conspiracy theory. Also, you are definitely getting replaced — the faster the better, and you deserve it. 

    White Americans are getting slowly erased from the cities, the schools, and our neighborhoods, replaced by a never-ending tide of new arrivals from anywhere and everywhere white people aren’t. Not a lot of ethnic Nordics or Swedes coming through the Darien Gap!

    If you were wondering what the Great Reset would look like, Google’s AI has the answer. The bad news is that its answer, unfortunately, looks pretty accurate.

    White Out

    After a lot of pushback from, surprisingly, even basic liberals such as Nate Silver, the Google Gemini team now claims they are going back to the drawing board to fix things. Silver actually tweeted, “They need to shut Gemini down. It is several months away from being ready for prime time. It is astounding that Google released it in this state.” He had seen a prompt where Google Gemini was unable to determine which was worse for society, Elon Musk posting memes or Adolf Hitler. 

    Sorry, Nate: Unless Google plans to fire every woke employee and replace them with people who actually believe in truth and meritocracy (they won’t), nothing will change. It will just get harder to detect.

    History books are written by the winners. But what do you do when the present is being rewritten around us as we speak — by people who want us to disappear?

    I would argue that the only normal reaction to this and, in fact, the inevitable reaction to years of this stuff, is for the one group in America that has never been interested in identifying itself by its race to finally embrace some sort of racialized identity. If the only way for black people and Hispanic people and Asian people to fight for their own right to exist in a “racist country” and receive equal treatment under the law is to form racial identity groups around their skin color and ethnic heritage, maybe it’s a grave error for “white people” not to do the same. 

    White Americans are not a monolith, of course, but we’ve seen recently what happened to Jewish kids on elite college campuses, where they have gone from a mildly protected minority class to being reviled, spit on, hounded, and harassed as racist genociders. 

    Am I going to start joining Facebook groups for people of European heritage? No, I have no interest in doing this. I was brainwashed for 40 years to worship a colorblind meritocracy that believed in true equality, all men are created equal, etc., and I’m too old to change now. But what about my grandchildren? 

    Will they be atomized lone survivors, reviled ghosts wandering the Earth, the last of their kind in a world that has no further use for them? The ultimate untouchables, a hated caste our AI overlords have decided must be erased from existence — and replaced by topless female Sumo wrestlers, paraplegic Samoan Vikings, and pedophiles who are just misunderstood kiddie appreciators?

    I don’t know. I hope not. But in the meantime, Google Gemini Delenda Est!

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