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Ron Johnson’s Victory Shows Republicans Don’t Have To Sacrifice Bravery To Win Swing States

Believing swing states necessitate squishy candidates is foolish. Voters desire principled and bold leaders.


As the D.C. establishment bristles at tenacious Republican candidates and in a state where a Democrat handily won another term in the governor’s mansion, Wisconsin’s GOP Sen. Ron Johnson won his reelection campaign.

Johnson didn’t spend his time trying to win over moderates or appease the “candidate quality” crowd. His leadership style included fearlessly fighting tech giants, blasting the Covid cartel even when his opinions were blacklisted, throwing hands with the deep state, and exposing Biden family corruption. As punishment, the entire force of the Democrat machine zeroed in on him. They poured millions of dollars into defeating him and enlisted Democrat kingmaker and former President Barack Obama to personally campaign against him. Big Tech censored the sitting senator multiple times, and even the FBI worked against him.

Despite all the cash, persecution, and the purple nature of Wisconsin, however, Johnson prevailed, showing that Republican candidates do not have to sacrifice bravery to win elections in swing states.  

Fighting the ‘Covid Cartel’

From the very start of the Covid psyop, Johnson asked questions and followed data while other Republicans succumbed to the pressures of what Johnson calls the “Covid cartel“: federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media, and Big Tech. He was one of the few Republicans brave enough to discuss early treatments for Covid and condemn the first wave of lockdowns. 

During the over two years of coronavirus hysteria, he exposed the lucrative Covid jabs’ tanking efficacy, promoted natural immunity, amplified the testimonies of vaccine-injured Americans, and rallied against shot and mask mandates, particularly for children. 

For speaking truth to power, the corporate media smeared Johnson as “fundamentally dangerous,” a peddler of “misinformation,” and an “idiot anti-vaxxer.” The Democrat machine didn’t stop there. Big Tech companies suppressed, banned, and limited content from Johnson and his team, including footage from a U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, where the senator explored early Covid treatments. 

Johnson didn’t cower when the rich tech oligarchs brandished their censorship powers against him. Instead, he rose to the challenge, grilling executives at Twitter, Meta, YouTube, and TikTok for election interference, censoring substantiated information related to Covid, and silencing conservative perspectives.   

Uncovering Corruption

While the FBI sat on their hands, refusing to investigate Hunter Biden, Johnson and Sen. Chuck Grassley, another Republican who just won reelection in Iowa, took it upon themselves to investigate the president’s scandal-plagued son. The pair discovered millions of dollars in suspicious financial dealings between Hunter and foreign individuals with ties to the Russian government and the Chinese Communist Party. Naturally, the corporate media blasted Johnson and Grassley’s work as “Russian disinformation” and dubbed Johnson the Senate’s “one-man Biden prosecutor.” 

Johnson’s findings, which suggest that President Joe Biden is compromised by America’s foreign adversaries, should have been made by the FBI. And at the very least, the FBI should have taken an interest in Grassley and Johnson’s investigative work. 

Instead, the corrupt agency lashed out at Johnson by setting him up and smearing him before the November election. FBI agents sat down with Johnson and Grassley for a supposedly “secure” brief where they informed the senators that their investigation “advanced Russian disinformation.” The claim was, like the other famous instance of “Russian interference,” preposterous. The FBI’s true intentions became obvious after the conversation was mysteriously leaked to the public. The whole thing was an apparent attempt to discredit Johnson’s Hunter Biden investigation and to vilify him ahead of his upcoming election.

It’s clear why Johnson is a target of the deep state. The Wisconsin senator has shed light on what appears to be FBI provocateurs instigating illegal behavior during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot. He also spent years debunking the Russia collusion hoax, whereby GOP enemies tried overthrowing candidate and then President Donald Trump based on the made-up claim that Trump had colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. 

Time and time again, Johnson stuck to his guns while other Republicans recoiled. He endured public flogging and pressure campaigns from his powerful enemies, and in his refusal to back down has now been vindicated on everything from Covid lockdowns, to the Biden family, and the Russia collusion hoax. 

Be Brave

Johnson’s victory proves yet again that just because swing state voters are unreliable doesn’t mean they want milquetoast candidates. It’s actually quite the opposite. Ultra-progressive Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 by 14 points. Just three years later, in 2011, Wisconsinites elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whose explosive fight against public-sector unions made him a supremely controversial governor. One year later, Obama won Wisconsin again by 7 points, but by 2016, the pendulum had swung right and the state backed the populist Republican nominee Donald Trump. Today, Johnson is returning to Congress where he’ll serve again alongside Wisconsin’s second senator: Democrat Tammy Baldwin, who is the first openly lesbian woman elected to Congress. 

Believing swing states necessitate squishy candidates is foolish. Voters desire principled and bold leaders. Yes, Johnson faced repercussions for his courage. The leftist machine is intimidating and powerful — but so is the will of the people. “I’ll never vote — and by extension I’ll never conduct myself — with my reelection in mind,” Johnson tells his constituents. Other Republicans would do well to follow his example.

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