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Why Did The Corrupt Corporate Media Refuse To Declare Ron Johnson The Winner In Wisconsin?


Corporate media outlets, including ABC News, MSNBC, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal, waited to declare Ron Johnson the winner of the Senate race in Wisconsin until mid-day on Wednesday, despite it being clear for hours that the incumbent senator had won.

“There is no path mathematically for Lt. Gov. Barnes to overcome his 27,374 vote deficit. This race is over,” said Johnson in a press release on Wednesday morning. “The votes are in. In all Democrat strongholds, municipalities are reporting 100% of wards are in and counted. There are some counties that have anywhere from 3-10% of the votes outstanding. These localities represent areas where we are winning by over 60%.”

Yet the corporate media continued to drag their feet in calling the race, dubiously pretending Johnson’s opponent Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes had a chance at winning despite nearly all votes being counted. As the Democrat media complex flexes its power to call or refrain from calling elections, the Wisconsin senate race is a good reminder that its projections are not always accurate and decisions to declare election winners prematurely or late can be politically motivated.

As Johnson pointed out, in 2020 now-President Joe Biden “claimed victory in Wisconsin with a 20,000 vote margin.” Yet in 2022, the corporate media allowed Barnes to hold off accepting defeat despite “trailing by 27,000 votes.”

The Democrat coalition, including the deep state, tech giants, elected leaders, and the corporate media, had it out for Johnson from the start. The Wisconsin Republican has been a front-line fighter in the Senate, rallying for election integrity, exposing the corrupt Biden family, attacking the deep state, and battling the Covid cartel.

As a consequence, Johnson was personally targeted by the FBI’s left-wing allies and censored repeatedly by Big Tech. His opponents brought in Democrat superstar former President Barack Obama to personally campaign against him, and the left poured nearly $20 million into unseating him.

In prolonging the Wisconsin senate race, the corporate media merely continued their anti-Johnson campaign and consequently did exactly what they accused their opponents of doing: threatening “democracy” and trust in elections.

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