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My Abortion Made Me A Pro-Life ‘Extremist’

When I saw my son’s small, lifeless body on the bed next to me after hours of labor, my extremism was born.


I am a pro-life extremist and proud of it. It happened one day over 50 years ago pre-Roe v. Wade but when abortion was legal in New York. Coerced as a teen by my father into an abortion, I had a saline procedure in which I gave birth, after hours of labor, to a dead baby boy.

Nothing prepared me for this (not that anything could). I was not told about the development of my baby or anything about what I was about to undergo. To this day when I think back on it, it seems unbelievable that what happened was legal. When I saw my son’s small, lifeless body on the bed next to me after hours of labor, my extremism was born.

Sadly, it is still like this, even worse, as women shout their abortions, deliver their dead babies at home from pills, and plea for abortion any time, with no exceptions, and without apology.

What happened to me was not women’s reproductive health but the coercion of a teenager and the slaughter of an innocent unborn baby who happened to be my son. Since that day, all those years ago, more than 63 million babies have been killed, thousands every day.

If you turn on the TV lately, it is hard not to be bombarded by Democratic political ads lamenting the Republicans who, in their view, do not care about women and are pro-life “extremists.” They claim pro-life politicians don’t care about women’s “health” and make no exceptions for abortion in the case of rape and incest.

Women watching these ads are led to believe that there can be no success without the ability to have an abortion at any time. They tell women their life is rendered invaluable by the small life within, and that the only empowering response to an unplanned pregnancy is abortion. They’re told that life will go back to “normal,” and all their dreams will be fulfilled.

Democrats sling around phrases like “forced birth” and try to make voters focus on cases of rape and incest, which are less than 3 percent of all abortions, but they ignore the extreme violence that happens in the womb and the torment of the soul as countless women come to find out that life does not go back to normal. They often learn that the dreams they sought to fulfill are now obstructed by depression, shame, grief, and a host of other emotions that interfere with their daily lives. Worse yet, although Democrats have empathy for those who fit their agenda, they continue to deny the very real experiences of those women who suffer and blame anything but abortion for their problems.

How they can ignore the women who have died from supposed “safe, legal abortion” or those left damaged physically, unable to have other children? How can they justify the violence faced by women who refuse to abort by husbands or boyfriends? How do they justify refusing to listen to our experiences and the damage abortion has done to us?

Originally reported by Live Action, I recently learned of a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood in Westchester County, New York, in which a woman delivered a 30-week-old baby boy into her toilet after she was given abortion pills without an exam. She had been advised through a teleconference, and no ultrasound was ever performed to determine the age of her unborn child. The suit states, “Plaintiff was shocked and traumatized when she saw the lifeless, fully-formed baby in the toilet covered in mucous, blood, and the placenta.”

There has not been one word about this woman or others like her who have also sued. No ads and no outrage from Democrats over this type of extremism that ends with women and children as victims of violence.

It saddens me when I think of how cold-hearted our society seems to be when it comes to abortion. How desperate so many are to continue taking the lives of innocent unborn babies to satisfy their own desires. Desires that are often later unattainable because of their own abortion experiences. These women are desperate to justify what many of them have already done, and they are unable to face the truth of what abortion is.

I can’t imagine anything good coming to a society that gives abortion such a huge priority in an election, and honestly, I wonder how it will all end.

One thing I do feel certain of is that the women who are suing Planned Parenthood are pro-life extremists now too. I’m thinking there are a lot of us out there, and hopefully, we can change the tide.

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