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Nevada Asks Snitches To Rat Out Crisis Pregnancy Centers So The State Can Shut Them Down


Less than one month before Election Day, Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services fully embraced Democrats’ radical abortion agenda by launching a webpage that solicits complaints about lifesaving pregnancy centers.

The state’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health “Abortion Information for Nevadans” webpage not only smears pregnancy centers by calling their methods “deceptive practices” but encourages Nevadans to report the centers to the state, which has the power to hand out “regulatory violations, such as operating an unlicensed medical facility or clinic.”

“The State of Nevada is dedicated to ensuring people receive evidence-based medical care by clinicians and organizations with appropriate licensing,” the webpage states. “When you use the complaint form linked above, select ‘Other’ for facility type and type in ‘crisis pregnancy center’ to tell our staff the nature of your report. Please include the center’s address, if known.”

Reports, the site claims, “may be made anonymously.”

The webpage is part of a larger push by the state’s Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak and his bureaucrat buddies such as Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto to expand Nevada’s abortion extremism following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

“As Governor, I am committed to ensuring Nevadans have access to reproductive health care without fear or shame,” Sisolak said in a statement. “We will not abandon the right to an abortion, and we will protect those in need of care. This website is one more step forward in this work.”

While Sisolak cushioned his state’s current abortion laws via executive order, Cortez Masto co-sponsored legislation calling for the censorship of pro-life centers, which she says are hubs of “anti-abortion disinformation,” promoted abortion tourism, and voted to advance legislation to legalize taxpayer-funded late-term abortions.

Taking cues from Sisolak’s Twitter account, which calls pregnancy centers “predatory,” and Cortez Masto’s anti-pregnancy center bill, the new abortion webpage claims organizations offering aid to pregnant women and unborn babies “do not provide comprehensive, accurate, or evidence-based clinical information.”

“Instead, the primary goal of CPCs is to dissuade people seeking abortions from obtaining the procedure,” the webpage states.

In addition to helping women understand what abortion does to their bodies and unborn babies, pregnancy centers offer a host of resources to women, children, and families who need them. Often, that means offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and other aid to vulnerable people.

Despite smears from Cortez Masto, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and a host of other pro-abortion Democrats and activists, a majority of voters favor public funding for pregnancy centers.

The Nevada government is just one of the many institutions going to drastic lengths to ensure that unborn babies won’t see the light of day. Post-Dobbs, there is an uptick in radical and illicit behavior by abortion activists who are smuggling abortifacient drugs across the crisis-plagued U.S.-Mexico border and using small planes to shuttle women from pro-life states to abortion facilities in blue states.

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