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When Republicans Take Back Congress, They Must Hold The Covid Cabal Accountable

Dr. Anthony Fauci on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow
Image CreditMSNBC/YouTube

If the GOP retakes Congress after the 2022 midterms, heads must roll.


Republicans seeking to take back Congress must pledge to hold America’s covid tyrants accountable and stand up for the American people by delivering the transparency they deserve. The victims of our public health “experts’” disastrous policies still cry out for justice. We must never forget how the Biden administration lied to the public, twisted “the science” to force lockdowns, then stripped unvaccinated servicemembers, health-care workers, and thousands of employees of their livelihoods through draconian and arbitrary mandates.

A Republican-controlled Congress must ensure these experts pay for perpetrating tyranny against Americans. That means subpoenaing those who spearheaded disastrous covid policies and worked with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), firing the officials responsible, cutting funding to gain-of-function research, and ending liability protections for vaccine manufacturers.

Drs. Anthony Fauci at NIAID, Deborah Birx at the White House, Francis Collins and Lawrence Tabak at the National Institutes of Health, Rochelle Walensky at the Centers for Disease Control, and others must answer for the years of covid tyranny. This includes concealing the origins of a virus that killed more than 1 million Americans, unilaterally mandating vaccines that have increasingly known side effects, and lockdowns that wreaked havoc on our economy and drove deaths of despair from alcohol, drugs, and suicide to an unprecedented high.

Public health experts tore children away from social interactions with peers in classrooms, sports, and churches. They forced them to mask up — and even to take the jab — despite their health risks from lockdowns far outstripping those of covid.

According to the CDC WONDER database, teen alcohol-and-drug-related deaths in 2020 nearly doubled from 2019 to 1,006 deaths. That means more teens died from alcohol and drugs in 2020 alone than the 770 12-17-year-olds with covid death designations since the pandemic’s onset. 

Worse, among adolescents aged 12–17 years, emergency room visits for suspected suicide attempts rose an average of 22.3 percent during summer 2020 and 39.1 percent during winter 2021 from the corresponding periods in 2019. In Pennsylvania, where Dr. Richard “Rachel” Levine led the Pennsylvania Department of Health, one in 12 high schoolers attempted suicide in 2021.

Adults have shown horrible outcomes as well. 2021 marked the most overdose deaths in American history, with 108,000 drug-induced deaths (up from 55,403 in 2015).  And, of the Americans who died from drug overdoses, over 64 percent of these deaths were from opioids like fentanyl. According to the CDC, fentanyl became the number one cause of death for Americans 18-45 in 2021.

Fauci and those who spearheaded the lockdowns should be subpoenaed — first among them former White House covid response coordinator Birx, who admitted she undermined President Trump and would “write, submit, revise, hide, resubmit” reports to promote lockdowns. We must also remove other corrupt bureaucrats at the FDA, NIH, and CDC by re-empowering Congress to cut the salaries of specific federal employees or fire them.

But we can’t stop there.

American bureaucrats, scientists, and the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO) who enabled the CCP’s dangerous research and covered for them afterward must be held accountable. The WHO – to which the United States is the largest government contributor – denied the human-to-human spread of covid based on Chinese propaganda.

One study found that “if interventions in [China] could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent, respectively.” Had the Chinese Communist Party and U.S. scientists been transparent about the pandemic from its onset, countless American lives would have been saved.

The committees of jurisdiction should subpoena Fauci, Collins, and others involved in USAID’s DEEP VZN project to get the truth about U.S. funding of Chinese gain-of-function research and SARS-CoV-2’s origins. Fauci and Collins routinely called the lab-leak theory a conspiracy theory, despite being alerted in early 2020 that the virus could have been manufactured. In fact, in one email exchange, prominent scientists informed them that there was a 70 percent or 60 percent chance the virus came from a lab.

Congress should also subpoena scientists who worked with the Chinese Communist Party, such as Dr. James LeDuc at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Linfa Wang at Duke-NUS, and Dr. Joana Mazet at the University of California at Davis, and those at non-profits involved in gain-of-function research, such as Dr. Peter Daszak with EcoHealth Alliance and Dr. Nathan Wolfe at Metabiota. 

Further, we cannot allow another man-made virus to create a future pandemic, such as the Nipah virus, which is 60 times more deadly than covid. We should immediately cut all funding to gain-of-function research until we are certain its potential benefits outweigh its staggering risks and implement a safety framework that actually works. We should withhold funding from foreign nations until they do the same.

The American people deserve the full truth and accountability from officials who suppressed information on natural immunity, encouraged unconstitutional, race-based allocation of monoclonal antibody treatments, conveniently reversed mask guidance right before the 2022 State of the Union, bought Americans’ location data to track their compliance with lockdowns, deliberately changed the definition of “vaccine” and “gain-of-function” research, withheld data on hospitalization by vaccine status because it could be “misinterpreted,” forced vaccine mandates on servicemembers amid a recruiting crisis—despite the DoD’s quadruple vaccinated secretary getting the virus twice—and more. 

Finally, the American people also deserve clarity about what these vaccines can do — aside from not preventing transmission or infection. Republicans should subpoena U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials involved in the covid vaccine’s approval to understand the extent of their knowledge of the vaccine’s side effects — suggested by such things as the huge increase in VAERS reporting of myocarditis and miscarriages. And we must hold accountable those who intentionally shuttered information about vaccine alternatives like Ivermectin.

The very least Republicans should do is slaughter the Swamp’s sacred cow of liability protections for vaccine manufacturers. Pfizer and Moderna are expected to take in a combined $93 billion in profits from covid vaccine sales — vaccines the federal government mandated — crony capitalism at its finest.

Heads must roll. If Republicans take back Congress and do not finally deliver transparency on this, if they do not hold the experts accountable for their tyranny, they will have failed.

Our health experts, managerial elites, and their lackeys in the media scoffed at the facts, persisting in the lie that lockdowns were less harmful than the virus itself. Their disastrous pandemic response left small businesses in ruins, drove millions of Americans — including young children — into despair, and ended the careers of our most valuable military and medical heroes. They should taste their own medicine.

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