Chip Roy
Chip Roy

Chip Roy is the Republican representative for the 21st congressional district in Texas.

Leftists Must Be Punished At The Ballot Box For Their COVID-19 Hypocrisy

Many deserve to be held accountable at the ballot box and in public memory for every shuttered business, stunted education, and livelihood lost.

Congress’s Spending Binge Gifts American Children Longer Lockdowns And An Even Bigger National Debt

President Trump had supporters waiting in the wings to fight for him and for the American people. Now, the swamp has gotten exactly what it wanted.

Inside Democrats’ Playbook To Destroy Republican Judicial Nominees

The leftist attacks on the faith, family, and character of Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett are — sadly — neither surprising nor new.

Rep. Chip Roy: It’s Time For Republicans To Stand Up For America Already

The very people you sent to Washington D.C. to make laws, uphold them, conduct oversight, and ensure America remains a safe and prosperous nation have cowered to the mob.

Here’s How Congress Can Help Defeat The Wuhan Virus

Government can and should act, but it cannot do so with the recklessness that Pelosi and Mnuchin did late last week by rushing the legislation to a vote.

Left Goes Bananas On Barr’s DOJ After Ignoring Far Worse Under Obama

How soon my leftist colleagues and media flacks forget they engaged in ‘community organizing’ for left-wing activism at the highest levels of the Department of Justice.

In Wake Of Iran Strike, Congress Needs To Debate Overseas Deployments

After 18 years at war without debate in Congress about overseas U.S. troop deployments, President Trump’s decision to take out Qassem Soleimani catalyzed a national conversation.

ICE Isn’t The Enemy, The Drug Cartels Weaponizing The U.S. Border Are

There is a crisis at the southern border, but U.S. law enforcement isn’t to blame. It’s time for Democrats to admit who’s really at fault.

Americans Don’t Need Socialized Medicine, They Need Health-Care Freedom

Prices are too high and choices are too few, and the federal government’s response has long been more government control and more money.

The President’s Spending Cap-Busting Budget Shouldn’t Be The Best We Can Do

The president’s budget proposes we spend vastly more money for 15 years than we take in, and lead us to spending more in interest payments than we do on Social Security or defense.

Lawless Borders Are A Humanitarian Crisis It’s Past Time To Finally Solve

Human beings are used as currency for evil criminal organizations to gain power and wealth. American citizens are dying. Immigrants who seek to come here are dying.

Obamacare-Inflated Health Costs Are Sucking Away Tax Reform’s Success For Families

Despite good economic news, the high costs of health care remain the most pressing and worrisome domestic issue for families and individuals.

Yes, 51 Senators Can Fully Repeal Obamacare

Both the parliamentarian and the Senate can, and should, find that full repeal of Obamacare through the budget reconciliation process, and thus 51 votes, is permissible.