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Rep. Chip Roy: It’s Time For Republicans To Stand Up For America Already

andrew jackson statue

The very people you sent to Washington D.C. to make laws, uphold them, conduct oversight, and ensure America remains a safe and prosperous nation have cowered to the mob.


The United States of America is starting to resemble a Target in Minneapolis, overrun by lawless mobs and left for dead by the very leaders charged with upholding the rule of law.

Today, we are witnessing the wealthiest, freest, and greatest country in the history of the world, which took more than 240 years to build, being burned to the ground at the hands of radical leftists motivated primarily by anarchy and a Marxist agenda, not racial justice. Compared to previous generations and their peers who sign up to defend America, these folks have contributed precious little to society. Yet, somehow, they have found a way to bend America to their will. How? Because most of our nation’s political class won’t stand up and lead.

Yes, those civilians choosing to loot businesses, paint “Kill Cops” on billboards, destroy property, and promote violence are being propped up by the very politicians—Democrat or Republican, take your pick—you’ve elected. But it goes deeper than that.

The very people you have sent to Washington, D.C. to make laws, uphold them, conduct oversight, and ensure America remains a safe and prosperous nation have cowered to the mob.

Politicians have allowed the community of CHAZ in Seattle, run by a self-proclaimed “warlord,” and BHAZ in downtown Washington (feet from the White House) to take over chunks of sovereign cities. They have sat idly as historical statues and federal monuments have been defaced, torn down, and destroyed. They have allowed the mobs to “cancel” anyone with opinions contrary to their radical agenda.

We all know the debauchery playing out before our eyes is part of Democrats’ ultimate agenda to remake America in their image. They have not hidden it, after all.

What is shocking to see, though, as a life-long conservative and now Republican member of Congress, is my party, whether at the local, state, or federal level, so far failing to give their voters reason to believe the GOP will defend our country. More, they have been failng to go on offense to make clear the systemic racism that is ripping apart black families and the fabric of our nation comes from the Democrat Party and its adherence to failed big government programs over the promise of individuals, families, and communities prospering.

Republicans must immediately stand up for the rule of law. We must loudly defend law enforcement. In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t allow us to show up for work, so we must loudly demand we do our job. We must loudly demand an end to broken schools over education freedom, an end to the failed welfare state over a vibrant opportunity agenda, and an end to broken families over homes with mothers and fathers and community support.

But the first step is restoring law and order. Republicans must call out the radical agenda of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Organization, while championing true liberty and justice that benefits all. There isn’t an American alive, regardless of race or any other immutable characteristic, who doesn’t want to be able to put her baby on the hip, walk to the corner store, and return home without fear of harassment or violence. Americans want freedom, which isn’t possible without safety and security.

Today, I have called for the Department of Justice to use all tools and resources necessary to defend America’s federal property, including monuments and federal parks, America’s churches, synagogues, and all religious organizations under all applicable federal laws, and end organized criminal activity by Antifa and any other group associated with rioting, looting, and general lawlessness. I call on the president to use the Insurrection Act to step in where necessary to restore order. And I call on Congress to defund any states or localities who will not work with us to enforce the rule of law.

It’s time for Republicans to Stand Up For America. We must no longer retreat to lawless mobs and undermine security and prosperity for black Americans, or any other American, being used to advance Marxism.