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Biden Regime Targets Red States, Religious Voters In Latest Push To Normalize Unpopular Abortion Radicalism

Joe Biden speaking from podium
Image CreditWhite House/Flickr

While the Associated Press demands Republicans defend why they are pro-life, the Biden administration is plotting to target states that have implemented common-sense abortion restrictions that a majority of U.S. voters and at least half of Democrats support.

Despite voters’ deeply negative feelings about taxpayer-funded abortion until birth, the Biden-Harris White House is partnering with radical abortion groups such as NARAL to weaponize executive agencies against pro-life states and double down on its pro-abortion propaganda.

As Reuters reported, these frequent strategy meetings often attract thousands of participants who want to advance President Joe Biden’s goal to make abortion a selling point in the upcoming midterm elections.

The idea, according to sources quoted in the Reuters report, is “to be much more disciplined and consistent in messaging to break through to the everyday American.” But the lengths to which the Biden administration is going to prevent states and voters from exercising their right to restrict the killing of life in the womb is not on par with how “the everyday American” feels.

Mere weeks after issuing an executive order that would force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand until birth in states that cater to abortion tourists, the White House wants to twist existing federal laws such as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to force unlimited abortions — even mail-order ones — in all 50 states.

To execute that agenda, the Biden administration plans to sic the Department of Justice on red, pro-life states such as Idaho, which is already under scrutiny by Attorney General Merrick Garland for allowing the prosecution of doctors who perform abortions without first establishing that they were “necessary to prevent the death of the pregnant woman” or the result of an “act of rape or incest.”

The White House also plans to partner with Democrats and activists to ensure that out-of-state activism and deceptive advertising, like the kind used to prevent Kansans from amending the state constitution to clarify that it does not guarantee “a right to abortion,” is implemented in all of the upcoming abortion-themed ballot-measure battles.

“The White House plans to replicate the success in Kansas, said the sources. It is closely tracking similar ballot initiatives in California, Kentucky, Michigan, and Vermont and gubernatorial races like Michigan’s, where abortion has become a central issue, sources said,” according to the Reuters report.

In addition to trying to sway the outcomes of key abortion votes, the White House is scheming to brainwash men, women, and people of faith with “research” detailing the “physical and mental harms women face if they’re denied access to abortion.” That includes claiming that the medical costs associated with pregnancy and birth alone are enough to justify the barbaric practice.

Manipulating the facts about abortion and promoting it as a normalized practice even in the third trimester far exceeds what the majority of Americans support when it comes to ending unborn life, and by all measures, it is not a winning talking point with voters. Yet Biden, whose approval ratings are abysmal, and vulnerable Senate Democrats have shifted their focus away from inflation and voters’ top priorities to abortion.

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