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The Corrupt Media Can’t Wish A Successful Biden Into Existence


It’s as if everyone in the national media read the part in “Peter Pan” where he tells Wendy, “You just think lovely wonderful thoughts and they lift you up in the air!” and decided that’s their new strategy to aid Joe Biden’s awful presidency. 

New York Times fashion writer Vanessa Friedman on Tuesday heralded the return of “Aviator Joe,” who is — get this — wearing sunglasses again. She quoted Lis Smith, the woman most responsible for the harassment of America via the creation of “Pete 2020,” claiming Biden is “having a good month” because he’s “day after day wearing his aviators.”

In that same paper last week, columnist Charles Blow deemed the past month for Biden to have been “stellar.” (The accompanying photo was of Biden in aviator sunglasses.)

CNN’s Biden fangirl John Harwood also noted the newly ubiquitous sunglasses. “A winning streak does that for you,” he said. An article at Politico once again featured an image in the aviators and declared the president to be “piling up wins.”

It all might leave you with the impression that something has changed, but I assure you, everything still sucks. And the journalists who are trying to convince you otherwise didn’t read Peter Pan. They talked to the same White House official who phoned around Washington to get them all to say the same thing. 

Here is Biden’s “winning streak”: The national average price for a gallon of gas is down $.50 since last month (still nearly $1 higher than it was a year ago), and he signed into law legislation that pours billions into environmental (scam) projects and supersizes the IRS.

Don’t you feel those wins piling up?! What’s wrong with you?!

The bar is admittedly low for this president, but it can’t be that low. We’re still sending billions of dollars to Ukraine for a war Biden helped start. We’re still witnessing obscene numbers of Latin America’s destitute flood into the country through the southern border. We’re still dealing with record inflation, labor and supply shortages, and, yes, a recession. 

They can think happy thoughts all day. It’s not taking us anywhere. 

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