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Christopher Wray Torched On Twitter For Scolding Those Who Dare Question FBI Credibility

FBI Director Christopher Wray
Image Credit60 Minutes/YouTube

FBI Director Christopher Wray was blasted on Twitter for claiming that outrage over the Trump raid is ‘unfounded’ and ‘dangerous.’


FBI Director Christopher Wray was blasted on Twitter on Thursday night after he tried to silence his critics with a statement claiming that outrage over his agency’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s home is “unfounded,” “dangerous,” and “deeply concerning.”

“Unfounded attacks on the integrity of the FBI erode respect for the rule of law and are a grave disservice to the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect others. Violence and threats against law enforcement, including the FBI, are dangerous and should be deeply concerning to all Americans,” Wray said in a statement posted to Twitter that echoed the way Attorney General Merrick Garland berated Americans for daring to question the flailing credibility of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

“Every day I see the men and women of the FBI doing their jobs professionally and with rigor, objectivity, and a fierce commitment to our mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution,” Wray continued. “I am proud to serve alongside them.”

As Federalist Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland noted in her article on Friday, “There is nothing ‘unfounded’ in the condemnation of the FBI for its handling of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and it is because of that widespread misconduct that Americans doubt the legitimacy of the FBI’s decision to search the former president’s home.”

More than half of U.S. voters say bureaucratic agencies, which would include the DOJ and FBI, are too big and too focused on advancing a political agenda. Maybe that’s why the replies to Wray’s statement on Twitter were flooded with people who weren’t taking the bait on the FBI director’s latest crybaby routine.

Wray’s attempt to silence Americans’ legitimate criticisms with a statement not only prompted severe backlash but also calls for him to resign or be fired and demands that the FBI be disbanded, especially after it ignored certain kinds of violence including threats against Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices.

Others, such as Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway, called out the agency for “Threatening your legitimate critics for the damage you’ve done to the country.” Hemingway said that behavior “is reprehensible and disgusting.”

“Totally agree, violent threats against law enforcement is wrong,” Twitter user @TheUnusualSuspect wrote. “But let’s not act like tweets have done more damage to your integrity than idk…your entire history as an organization.”

Several Twitter users reminded the director of how his agency used its resources to smear parents concerned about masks and radical curricula in their children’s schools.

“The FBI officials who tagged school boards parents as ‘terrorists,’ leaked info to the press and conspired in texts to compromise political opponents and lied about it under oath, who altered a CIA email for probable cause to spy, already destroyed your credibility,” radio host Dana Loesch wrote.

“Remember when your counterterrorism team met to discuss which terrorist threat label you should apply to parents who are angry with their school board?” conservative talk show host Jesse Kelly replied.

“Remember when you plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan to catch potential kidnappers of the governor of Michigan?” Daniel Turner added.

Federalist CEO Sean Davis simply posted a link to an article headlined “Hunter Biden laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac says FBI agent threatened him to hush up” and asked, “This you?”

“Oo the problem is us!” Liz Wheeler, a conservative TV host, tweeted. “Our criticism threatens the FBI’s integrity. Gosh these elitists are the worst. Nothing about the FBI raiding a conservative former potus, calling patriots ‘militia violent extremists’ or trying to unseat a duly elected potus in 2016. Its not them, it’s us.”

The backlash to Wray’s statement following the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid isn’t the first time the FBI director has felt the heat. Wray came under fire just last week after reportedly cutting a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing short to jet off to his childhood vacation spot where his parents still own property in upstate New York. Before his abrupt exit at 1:30 p.m. Eastern sharp, Wray dodged key questions about his agency’s politicization and lack of transparency.

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