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Breaking News Alert Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun On Site Before The Event

Media, Democrats Admit They Expect The FBI’s Trump Raid To Bait People Into Violence

U.S. Capitol on January 6
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The left would love for conservatives to succumb to violence. Don’t take the bait.


The FBI and media narrative in the days after the FBI’s unprecedented raid on the home of a former president and opposition party leader was one of feigned surprise that such authoritarian tactics would prompt any outrage. Simultaneously, however, media and Democrat figures used the raid to project their expectations of a violent reaction onto their political opponents.

The right’s outrage over yet another high-profile example of federal intelligence agencies applying double standards to Democrats’ political opponents was quickly exploited by corrupt actors such as MSNBC to accuse conservatives like YouTuber Steven Crowder of trying to “agitate for ‘civil war’” with a tweet on the night of the raid.

Crowder clearly meant that as a metaphoric war, something his crew explained shortly after MSNBC trashed him on-air and in an article. But that hasn’t stopped the press and Democrats from egging conservatives, shocked at the politicization of the DOJ and FBI, toward violence — which the former would use like the Jan. 6, 2021, riot to once again punish people on the right far more severely than they punish people on the left for the same infractions.

Leftists consistently use allegations of political violence — whether real fringe violence or the imagined “violence” of free speech — as an excuse to target their enemies. So it’s no surprise that their focus regarding the FBI’s action is not on the fact that unelected bureaucrats rifled through the Republican Party leader’s personal items for more than nine hours without explaining themselves, but that conservatives’ reaction to the abuse of power could include violence.

The truth is, leftists and their cronies in the corrupt corporate media are doing their best to provoke that kind of violence with precisely these outrageous tactics, hoping some MAGA hat-wearing conservatives will do something illegal or something that can be framed as illegal in response to the raid so they are eligible for swift and drastic punishment.

That’s why the Washington Post published an article on Wednesday claiming that “GOP hysteria over the Mar-a-Lago search is an invitation to violence.” In the article, Dana Milbank, the WaPo opinion columnist infamous for demanding everyone “give Biden a break,” said “violent speech” like calling for the disbandment of the “tyrannical FBI” will lead to “violent acts.”

“We know that violent speech, particularly when so many are already feeling desperate and on edge, leads to violent acts. We have been here before,” Milbank wrote, but he conveniently left out violence and assassination attempts from the left and included examples such as this lie about Sarah Palin inspiring an attempted assassination. He also ignored that it’s not “violent speech” provoking people, it’s the FBI’s transparently partisan actions.

Milbank said he “would like nothing more than to be wrong about this” sweeping allegation, but that’s laughably false considering how corporate media mouthpieces like him have readily profited off of Democrats’ anti-Trump and anti-conservative shenanigans for years.

Take the Jan. 6 Committee’s illegitimate show trials, for instance. The corporate media proudly amplified the partisan committee’s attempts to smear and condemn anyone who associated themselves with Trump and election integrity as insurrectionists. Milbank even wrote several columns about the hearing, one of which elevated Cassidy Hutchinson’s suspect testimony.

The J6 show trial didn’t change the minds of many Americans, but it gave swamp creatures such as Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray the excuses they needed to take down Trump and stop him from running for president again. In the case of Jan. 6, Democrats saw an opportunity to exploit the condemnable actions of a few to incriminate a whole ideology and political party.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is no different.

“If you believe this [raid] is about classified documents, having to do with bullsh-t Trump took with him when he left office, your head is in the sky. This is about Jan. 6 and the never-ending desire to get Donald Trump on something,” Megyn Kelly said in a recent episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

The left loves the American legal system’s double standards that they’ve worked so hard to create and expand. They would love nothing more than people to get so worked up over such blatant corruption that they do something stupid, because that would give Democrats another pretext to take away more of our rights and criminalize political opposition. 

There are very legitimate concerns about the FBI’s actions at Mar-a-Lago on Monday night. For instance, why hasn’t the warrant, which was signed by a federal judge who once represented convicted pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s employees, been released? What exactly was the FBI looking for when they rummaged through Melania’s closet and Trump’s safe?

Did Garland, who has spent months siccing his Department of Justice on Trump’s advisers over the events on Jan. 6, do this as retaliation against the president that ruined his chances of becoming a Supreme Court justice? Was the White House, which clearly has a vengeance against Trump but denies knowing anything about their administration’s targeting of him, happy about this raid?

The FBI’s targeting of the former president was unprecedented and certainly hypocritical considering how many other high-level politicians and their families deserve some extra scrutiny but haven’t received it. Much like Wray dodged key questions during a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing last week, however, the FBI and DOJ have failed to answer questions or try to justify the raid.

Their silence, along with their flailing credibility, has led to public outcry that the nation is turning into a “banana republic” thanks to the “politicized weaponization” of unelected bureaucrats. These are not exaggerations, especially when you consider how both the FBI and the DOJ have been weaponized by Democrats to target their political enemies for years now.

If that fact wasn’t apparent in 2016 when the FBI fabricated warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign and falsely frame him for colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election, or when parents were targeted for expressing concerns about radical curriculum in schools, it is now. The bureaucracy does not deserve the blind faith of Americans and frankly, it doesn’t have it.

Just like the Jan. 6 Committee deliberately avoided addressing the security failures that allowed a Capitol breach so Democrats could rain fire and brimstone on people who questioned the 2020 election, leftists would love nothing more than the legitimate outrage these partisan federal agencies are provoking to escalate into violence.

As we saw in 2020 with the riots that burned down cities across America, leftists use political violence as a tool to advance their agenda. They also regularly use fringe or concocted instances of political violence as an excuse to smear and take down their law-abiding opposition. That’s why they’d love for conservatives to succumb to violence. Because that will give them an excuse to prosecute half of the country for voting for Trump and believing government corruption is a bad thing.

Don’t take the bait. And when Democrats like Milbank and MSNBC contributors breathlessly proclaim words are violence while the FBI and DOJ refuse to prosecute abortion supporters who firebomb pro-life clinics, understand what’s really going on here.

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