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11 Of The Biden Administration’s Greatest Failures So Far

From historic failures internationally to crises at home, the Biden administration makes every single thing it touches worse.


It’s no exaggeration: Joe Biden is bringing the country down in a tailspin. From historic failures internationally to crises at home and dropping approval ratings, Biden’s administration makes every single thing it touches worse.

Taken alone, each of these failures is pretty damning, but as a whole — or at least even just this small sampling — they reveal the degree to which our 46th president is a danger to America’s well-being.

1. Facilitating a Deadly Border

On June 20, an abandoned semi-truck was found to contain more than 40 dead migrants, with the death toll later rising to 51. The deceased have been confirmed to be Mexican, Guatemalan, and Honduran citizens entering the United States illegally, although 20 others’ national origins remain undetermined.

On a recent trip to Mexico, Federalist staff saw firsthand the devastating effects of Biden’s refusal to enforce U.S. border and immigration laws. As a result, our southern border is controlled by cartels, which smuggle and exploit men, women, and children — a process that can be deadly.

2. Shipping Illegals to a Community Near You

In addition to ignoring the border crisis, the president is secretly shipping illegal migrants across state borders and into suburban cities and family neighborhoods. In February, he planned to dump 1,000 Afghan refugees right next to Loudoun High School without contacting local law enforcement about the plan.

According to The Daily Wire, the Department of Homeland Security said the Federal Protection Service would provide security for students located next to unvetted foreign citizens, but since FPS has no jurisdiction in Loudoun County, this pledge was meaningless.

3. Holding Kids Hostage to Trans Radicalism

In May, the Biden administration attempted to strongarm public schools into letting males who identify as transgender use girls’ bathrooms by threatening to pull federal funding for school lunches if they didn’t. That’s 30 million lunch-program students Biden took hostage to push his party’s trans radicalism.

4. Tapping into Emergency Petroleum Reserves

Laying all blame on Putin for gas prices that are double what they were before Biden took office, Biden has commissioned the selling of 1 million barrels of oil per day for six months from our national emergency reserve. Instead of saving our stockpile for an emergency and resurrecting the Keystone pipeline and other major American energy projects Biden killed, the administration is using up the largest release from the stockpile in our history — and suggesting you buy an electric car.

5. Botching the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Pulling out of Afghanistan was always the plan — but not the disastrous way Biden did it. By leaving before Afghan forces were prepared, abandoning the Bagram Air Base before evacuating American citizens and Afghan allies, and leaving American citizens, weapons, and equipment for the Taliban to commandeer, Biden committed a tremendous strategic and humanitarian error.

6. Supporting Child Castration and Sterilization

The White House is openly championing “gender-affirming” surgeries and brainwashing attempts targeted at young children, and Biden is not simply a moderate bystander. He has threatened “immediate action” against state governors and attorneys general who decry castration of a kid as child abuse.

7. Driving up Inflation

As Americans are reminded every time they buy groceries or fill their gas tanks, Biden’s policies have caused, or at least exacerbated, record inflation and unsustainably high consumer prices. By throwing money at problems the government largely created through the so-called American Rescue Plan, relinquishing U.S. energy independence, and printing more money, among other fiscally irresponsible policies, the president has helped make just about everything Americans need more expensive.

8. Letting Babies Go Hungry

Due to government-mandated shutdowns that slowed deliveries, burdensome regulations, and then Biden’s Food and Drug Administration’s shutdown of the largest baby formula-making plants in the country, Americans found themselves unable to find needed formula, leaving infants in hospitals and families desperate. Their desperation turned to frustration with the Biden administration when they realized the president was using their tax dollars to buy and ship formula to illegal immigrants at the border.

9. Forcing the Covid Jab

Despite his so-called “pro-choice” posture, Biden sought to force Americans to put vaccines into their bodies by issuing a rule that all workers in any business of more than 100 employees must get vaccinated or else be constantly tested. His vaccine-or-test mandate for workers was overruled by the Supreme Court and later withdrawn by his administration.

10. Scheming to Enact Abortion Radicalism

Biden has expressed support for an abortion-specific carveout for the filibuster, advocating for an exemption strictly to empower Congress to codify Roe v. Wade without having enough votes. This radicalism is despite his previous passion for the filibuster and Democrats’ constant use of it during President Donald Trump’s tenure.

11. Tanking His Own Approval

Biden has utterly failed to keep the country’s approval, with his ratings down to record lows. The latest CNBC poll out this week shows Biden’s approval rating at an abysmal 36 percent. That’s even worse than Trump’s lowest ratings ever, despite the former president weathering instability over Covid-19 and cultural upheaval after the death of George Floyd.