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Truth Social Doesn’t Just Want To Distinguish Itself From Tech Giants, It Wants To Rival Them

Truth Social
Image CreditReuters/YouTube

Truth Social is expanding its features to maintain a competitive edge in the Big Tech-dominated social media world. It’s already set itself apart as a platform that won’t target users with politically-motivated censorship, and now it is implementing a series of updates designed to further the app’s marketability to creators and scrollers alike.

Part of that goal includes an upgrade that rolls out Thursday morning and includes new profile carousels that curate a personalized list of accounts based on engagement and boosts creators, some of whom might have been nuked by Twitter, Facebook, or other Big Tech companies.

“We want people coming to our platform and then going to other people’s platforms. We see ourselves as the rising tide that lifts all the boats,” Devin Nunes, former U.S. representative and now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, which oversees Truth Social, told The Federalist. “The people who have been canceled and the people who have important things to say, we’re not trying to trap you there.”

With longer videos, polls, GIFs, pinned posts, and more, Truth Social is creating a platform that is supposed to be “so much easier to navigate” and “very simple, very intuitive” but one that “drives people back to you” or your business.

“You go over there and post something and you’re likely being, to some degree, shadow banned by the algorithm that they use because you’re not being curated into one’s feed. And then there’s just a limited number of people on there, especially not your average conservative,” Nunes said.

While Twitter and Facebook have become echo chambers for elites instead of a true public forum for “normal people,” Nunes said Truth Social is focused on becoming “a big place to go to” for anyone who doesn’t want their impressions stolen by Big Tech companies.

“We’re giving a voice to people who are awesome content creators who really never had a chance. Besides, just between our meme makers and some of our funny guys, they’re getting a lot more impressions and visits than they would ever get somewhere else,” Nunes said.

Not only does Nunes think Truth Social has a leg up on “bot farms” such as Twitter due to its newness, but he said out-of-touch Big Tech sites are becoming increasingly irrelevant to large swaths of the country.

“We couldn’t care less about Twitter. Most Americans are not on it. They know it’s a bird and they see it on TV, and all the celeb types run their mouths, and news media picks it up. But average Americans are not on that platform,” Nunes said. “…There are not normal people on Twitter.”

According to Nunes, Truth Social isn’t just an experiment, it’s a safe haven for speech.

“President Trump didn’t need a new company, and I didn’t need a new job,” Nunes concluded. “We have a very simple mission. We’re opening up the internet by giving the American people their voice back. I don’t think the democratic republic survives without people being able to do basic communications with each other through the internet. And that’s why I left [Congress] and that’s what we’re trying to build here.”