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Harvard Poll Demolishes Major Media Narrative On Roe

lady holding “abort the court” sign
Image CreditKatie Godowski/Pexels

A new poll from Harvard found that most Americans don’t want the Supreme Court to decide abortion law, as it did in Roe.


You wouldn’t know it from the corporate media’s slanted coverage of the recent Dobbs v. Jackson ruling or their coverage of abortion in general but a new poll from Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris found that most Americans don’t want the Supreme Court to decide abortion law, as it did in Roe.

One glance at CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, or any other corrupt press outlet after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade yielded an avalanche of fomented outrage that Republican-nominated judges conspired to take away “women’s reproductive rights.”

Multiple outlets ironically framed the Dobbs decision as unconstitutional and falsely claimed women, even those suffering from ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages, would die because Roe was overturned.

On its face, the Harvard poll seems to back the media’s narrative by revealing that only 45 percent of the country believes Roe should be overturned and 55 percent think it should stay.

That’s only part of the story though because Americans truly don’t understand what the end of Roe actually means. Polling may seem to suggest that Americans back the name of the abortion case that has cursed the nation for almost 50 years but a majority of them don’t agree with its substance.

Dig a little deeper into the same polls that the media touts to tell half-baked truths about public opinion on abortion and you’ll find similar results to the Harvard survey: At least 44 percent of Americans — a plurality — prefer for abortion issues to be dealt with at the state level. Only a quarter want the Supreme Court to decide, while less than a third (31 percent) want to leave it up to Congress.

That is exactly what the rollback of Roe actually entails but for years, the corrupt press has constantly justified its pro-abortion coverage by claiming without context that most of the country supports Roe. It’s a talking point that they repeat over and over and over again yet the data doesn’t back a federally-mandated abortion free-for-all.

As a matter of fact, the majority of Americans, 72 percent, support bans on abortions at least as restrictive as a ban after 15 weeks of gestation. Even 60 percent of Democrats say their states should allow abortions no later than 15 weeks. That’s a drastically different position than Democrat politicians’ calls for unlimited abortion and the media’s amplification of that radical position.

When emotional blackmail like crying on-air that the Dobbs ruling is a “heartbreaking betrayal of half of the country” isn’t enough, the media turn to twisted poll questions about Americans’ true feelings about abortion to push their agenda.

It’s technically true that support for the name of Roe runs deep in the U.S. but polling shows that Americans don’t care for abortion the way the press says they should. That’s why results as shown in the recent Harvard poll matter.

The same media that flags outlets such as The Federalist with fake “fact” “checks” because they claim our articles are “missing context” have deliberately omitted the essential context needed to accurately represent where Americans stand on abortion. The corporate media is preying on Americans’ ignorance of Roe and hand-picking poll results to wield their pro-abortion agenda against those same Americans. But they aren’t telling the full story.

Americans don’t want the Supreme Court to dictate abortion law to states, plain and simple. Any press outlet that suggests otherwise is misrepresenting the data and purposefully misleading the public.