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Adam Schiff Is An Emblem Of Institutional Decline

Adam Schiff on CNN
Image CreditCNN/ YouTube

Adam Schiff has been at the center of every major conspiracy lodged against former President Donald Trump since 2016.


California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff has been at the center of every major conspiracy lodged against former President Donald Trump since 2016. From made-up claims of Russian collusion to a manufactured scandal around Ukraine, Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chair and former impeachment manager, has now attached himself to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee to carry out the Democrats’ latest hoax.

On Sunday, Schiff regurgitated the same routine talking points of prior smear campaigns with claims of hard evidence implicating Trump in a major plot of malfeasance worthy of indictment.

“We’ll show evidence of the President’s involvement in this scheme,” Schiff told CNN, presumably in reference to the plans Trump openly supported to halt certification of the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, 2021, as if it were a cover-up for something illegal. Are Democrats going to impeach the former president for a third time? Did it suddenly become illegal to contest election results after Democrats objected to certification in 2001, 2005, and 2017?

Schiff, however, refused to reveal his “evidence” because he didn’t “want to get ahead” of the hearing on Tuesday.

The comments follow the same playbook as the California lawmaker used to push the Russia collusion hoax to undermine the first half of the Trump presidency, almost identically. Schiff would go on a Sunday political talk show with a friendly interviewer, claim to have bombshell evidence of Trump’s misconduct, and refuse to reveal his hand, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions based on prejudicial coverage from the same media.

Days after the collusion narrative fell apart with the publication of Robert Mueller’s report in 2019, Schiff went on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” to make claims of having “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.” Apparently, Mueller, who operated a two-year special counsel investigation run entirely by Democrats with unlimited resources, missed what was hiding in “plain sight.” Yet Schiff merely pointed at the report as proof of showing something it did not.

“Every act that I’ve pointed to as evidence of collusion has now been borne out by the report,” Schiff said, though the report revealed no such scheme of covert collusion between the Kremlin and anyone from the Trump campaign, let alone Trump himself. By December, Schiff would be mocking the supposedly very serious intelligence underpinning theories of Russian collusion with jokes about the president’s alleged pee tapes.

That Schiff went on-air with CNN again Sunday after years of parroting false propaganda is yet more evidence of the cable network itself having become an outfit for left-wing propaganda.

But there are no repercussions for Schiff, an 11-term congressman whose voters have endorsed their representative’s crusade against the former Republican president with fictitious crimes. As for the media, who enthusiastically offer him a national platform, their repercussions have come in the form of lost credibility among a public that’s lost faith in the nation’s institutions, while their ideologically-aligned viewers remain misled and satisfied.

The well-founded skepticism of legacy media, however, helped lead to the events of Jan. 6 that Democrats continue to brand as on par with Pearl Harbor and 9/11, wherein the mob of Trump supporters entered the Capitol after becoming convinced they could trust no one but the president who told them the election was fraudulent.