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The Demonic Left Will Stop At Nothing — Including Destroying The Supreme Court — To Kill Babies

Yesterday, protecting abortion meant packing the Supreme Court, but today it seems to mean just burning the court to the ground.


In an egregious and unprecedented move, Politico published a full draft of a leaked Supreme Court opinion indicating that the high court is about to strike down the left’s favorite ruling that fabricated a so-called “right” to abortion: Roe v. Wade.

It’s the left’s worst nightmare. They’re about to lose their grip on the bogus legal precedent from 1973 that undergirds the foundation of their platform and aims. It’s the decision that, to this day, enables them to carry out their values of convenience, population control, and pandering by dehumanizing unborn children before dismembering them and calling it “empowerment.”

That’s probably why they leaked the opinion.

Sure, we don’t yet know all the facts of the current situation, so we don’t know who surrendered the document — showing at least a 5-4 majority for conservatives on Dobbs — to the press. But it doesn’t take Einstein to piece this one together.

First, the left is desperate. They’re severely underwater headed into the midterms and need something to draw out the Democrat vote, and it’s not going to be the economy or foreign policy or Covid. A threat to their beloved abortion access could be the golden ticket.

Second, with a conservative SCOTUS majority and clear public opinion against the evils of abortion, the left has always faced an uphill battle with Dobbs, but bullying the court could be a hail Mary. It’s common knowledge that Chief Justice John Roberts’ fidelity is to his own public image over the Constitution, and what about fresh faces such as Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett? The public now knows for the first time the trio’s written intent to strike Roe as bad law — but before it’s published. It’s a recipe for harassment, threats, and intimidation to swing their opinions before they’re codified.

Third, we know that the iconoclastic left is committed to tearing down foundations from the family and the church, to monuments and our history, to the very meaning of “sex.” The Supreme Court is no exception, and we know this not only because they are actually saying “Let’s burn this place down” out loud, but also because any time they realize they can’t get their way through legislation, they entertain the idea of packing the Supreme Court with progressive activists who will legislate from the bench.

But even more than all those things, we also know the history of the left on abortion itself: They will do absolutely anything just so they can kill babies.

During the Obama administration, the left used the Internal Revenue Service and its chief of tax exemptions, Lois Lerner, to persecute conservative nonprofits. This included harassing pro-life groups, which continued even after the scandal came to light.

When he was attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, a pro-abortion extremist who now heads Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services, sued the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of nuns that provides shelter for poor elderly people, over abortion coverage. As The Federalist’s Tristan Justice characterized it, Becerra “weaponized the full power of the administrative state” against the nuns to bully them into compliance with Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate.

In the runup to the 2016 election, Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spied on then-candidate Donald Trump as part of a plan to weasel feminist champion Clinton into the White House. When they failed spectacularly, the left continued the persecution of then-President Trump, who vowed to nominate jurists who faithfully apply the Constitution, and his allies through the duration of his presidency with more spying, slimy investigations, and attempts to remove him from office.

When Trump appeared to deliver on his promise by nominating Kavanaugh to the bench, the left concocted a gang rape hoax against him. They threatened to kill him and his family. They amplified fake witnesses. They dragged him through an unconscionably malicious confirmation process. They lionized his accuser and slandered his name.

In 2020, when the right was energized to re-elect Trump to a second term and the left had nothing better than an incoherent Joe Biden hiding in a basement, they did everything they could to rig the election against the pro-life champion and for the pro-abortion candidate. They stopped at nothing to cover up the Biden family scandals through blatant censorship, banned the sitting president from his primary channels of communication, stuffed government elections offices with Democrat operatives funded by a tech oligarch, and unlawfully changed or broke voting laws to allow mass mail-in balloting.

These are but a few recent examples. When the left can’t get enough congressional votes to codify abortion rights through legislation, they threaten to nuke the filibuster to lower their vote threshold, as Sen. Bernie Sanders did immediately after the Dobbs leak.

When the left can no longer convince adults that unborn babies are “clumps of cells,” they resort to brainwashing children into thinking abortion is wonderful. They try to force anti-abortion centers to provide pro-abortion information to the hurting expectant mothers who walk through their doors. They’re working to force pro-life nurses to violate their consciences and kill babies anyway, even if it terrorizes their own souls. And this is hardly an exhaustive list.

The demonic left will stop at nothing to defend its religious ritual of sacrificing babies to the god of self. Yesterday that meant packing the court, but today it seems to mean just burning that court to the ground.