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I Hated Dresses As A Girl. Thank God My Parents Didn’t Deform And Sterilize Me For It

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Unfortunately, plenty of juveniles out there were not afforded the grace and time to outgrow the same questioning process I went through.


Growing up, I was a tomboy through and through.

I loved sports, hung out with dudes, and refused to wear dresses, bows, or the color pink. By middle school, I was more concerned with being one of the bros and begging my parents to let me play tackle football than painting my nails, fixing my hair (hello awkward side ponytail phase), or crying over crushes.

The mere thought that I would one day become a menstruating woman filled me with dread. I thought that going through female puberty would change me for the worse, so I sobbed any time my mom brought it up.

By the time I turned 18, my perspective changed. I wasn’t always happy with my body or my looks, but I knew who I was and how I was created.

Questioning Sex Is Normal. Pumping Chemicals Into Kids Is Not.

It’s natural for children, especially young girls, to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. After all, young women around the globe are subject to hordes of propaganda telling them how they should look, vote, act, and think.

What’s not normal is to medicate, sterilize, or bind children who express even the slightest discomfort with their growing bodies or have an abhorrence to skirts. These “gender” experiments often lead to dangerous, permanent problems such as “sexual dysfunction, infertility, cardiac event, endometrial cancer,” and even transition regret. That hasn’t stopped a rise in harmful pediatric sex procedures that transfigure faces, chests, and even genitalia.

Most of the children enduring these reckless procedures are too young to drive, and all of them are deemed too underdeveloped by the government to drink alcohol, yet they are somehow eligible to be pumped with chemicals that alter their very being.

“The evidence underlying the practice of pediatric gender transition is widely recognized to be of very low quality” a recent article in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy noted, but that hasn’t stopped the promotion of it in society. As Abigail Shrier noted after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said mutilating children is “a best practice and potentially lifesaving,” “America has essentially become an unlocked medicine cabinet for gender medicine seekers as young as 15.”

“As a result, any family with a kid who announces she is trans —whether encouraged by peers or social media or an activist educator, or accompanied by serious mental health co-morbidities—is hurled into crisis. The only thing parents know for certain is that a quick medical transition will be encouraged by virtually every adult she encounters. Far less certain is whether the family can do anything to stop it,” Shrier wrote.

No Child Is Safe

Much like the kids who have a 60 to 90 percent chance of outgrowing their woes about sex, I eventually embraced womanhood and even femininity in my later teen years.

Unfortunately, plenty of juveniles out there were not afforded the grace and time to outgrow the same questioning process I went through. Instead, children face pressure from parents, doctors, therapists, and even public school officials to reject their God-given sex. This is documented well on the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account.

Sometimes, the changes even happen behind parents’ backs. Schools drunk on power actively work to keep parents out of the loop on what’s happening behind closed classroom doors. They say mothers and fathers are “not entitled” to know kids’ “gender identities” as they shove propaganda and pills down youngsters’ throats.

One school nurse in Connecticut spoke up about her employer’s intentional submersion of its radical gender ideology and experimenting on students.

“As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration,” 77-year-old Kathleen Cataford wrote on Facebook.

Despite Cataford’s concerns that “children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten,” she was suspended for her comments and labeled “transphobic.”

I was homeschooled, so I didn’t face such high risks of being pressured into having surgeries or taking medications that would change how I looked and felt. But even kids who aren’t targeted with radical gender propaganda in the classroom now face grooming from woke corporations such as Disney and Pantene.

As medical and sociological institutions increasingly endorse rapid and early “affirmative care” for kids who are just navigating the ups and downs of life, adults repeatedly exploit children’s emotional and physical immaturity for political gain. Science and data show that the “treatments” prescribed to little boys and girls do lots of harm to little, undeveloped bodies but that hasn’t stopped everyone from the government to children’s TV programmers from promoting it.

I’m a young woman who still enjoys playing sports and other “boyish” activities, as I did as a child. The difference between me and a little girl growing up in 2022 is that my parents, coaches, and doctors never forced radical gender ideology or experimentation on me because my interests differed from other girls. I was never pressured into drastically altering my body to appease fleeting fears about puberty, and for that, I am grateful.