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Kindergartner Claire Didn’t Want To Wear A Skirt One Day. Mom, NBC Now Call Her ‘Clark’

"Today" amplifies radical gender ideology
Image CreditToday Show/Photo

Claire, a kindergartner growing up in a Los Angeles neighborhood with her mom, dad, and twin sister, didn’t want to wear a skirt one day. Now, her parents are considering what a future of puberty blockers looks like and teaching her twin sister to correct people who use the “wrong” pronouns.

The story was featured and amplified by corporate behemoth NBC on the “Today” website after the show’s editorial director requested the article be written.

“Why my child wanted me to share their nonbinary identity in our holiday card,” the article headline states, just above a family photo featuring a dad, mom, and young twin girls.

In the article, the author explains how the young Claire showed a strong aversion to putting on a skirt one day when her other clothes were dirty, which prompted a rapid pivot from treating her like the little girl she is into a “nonbinary” youngster (who is barely old enough to know her alphabet) with plural pronouns.

After reading one of the thousands of gender radical books that are often shelved in public school libraries to Claire, getting her a drastic haircut, and helping her pick out a new name, Claire’s mom explained that she and her husband are now mulling what a future with a “transgender” child who might take hormone blockers looks like, focusing on educating themselves about suicide prevention for LGBT youth, and teaching their other daughter Chloe that everything they are doing to Claire is okay and should be celebrated.

“My brave kid stood up in front of their kindergarten classroom and told their friends that they were now Clark,” the author wrote.

One of the most terrifying parts of the article is when the author admits that, despite the fact that she braced for blowback from “conservative family members” and others who might judge her parenting over the debut of “Clark” via a digital holiday card on social media, not one single person publicly or privately messaged her to offer pushback to the jarring post.

There is no shortage of data, material, and anecdotes warning about the dangers of encouraging children to ignore their biology and accept the radical messaging that they should mutilate and morph their bodies to look how they want. In “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” journalist Abigail Shrier documents how radical gender ideology spoon-fed to young girls off a silver platter is wreaking havoc on their future abilities to live as they were designed. Other experts have warned that the hormones, puberty blockers, and surgical procedures gender-confused kids undergo can lead to sterility, severe dysfunction, and a myriad of health problems.

These facts, unfortunately, aren’t stopping parents, schools, the progressive left, and corporate media outlets such as NBC from promoting transgenderism as a good thing that needs to be shoved down the throats of people as young as 5 years old.

The radical idea that a child should “change” her sex solely because she didn’t want to wear a particular piece of clothing one day isn’t helping her, it’s hurting her.