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Do Women’s Rights Matter? Democrats Can’t Decide

You can’t pick and choose which rights go along with being a woman. You either believe in the truth of biology or you don’t.


There is nothing that should infuriate women more right now than President Joe Biden’s decision, in coordination with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, to revise Title IX rules to “extend legal protections to LGBTQ students.” Yet many women don’t seem to be chafed at all. The news seems to have gotten lost in the cacophony of defense bills, spoiled college students, and, of course, Donald Trump.

The new regulations, as announced by the Department of Education the other week without any congressional approval, extend the law’s reach to prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity, rather than sex alone. This means it allows men who believe themselves to be women, despite having all their male sexual organs intact, to enter women-only spaces like locker rooms in educational institutions from elementary through collegiate level. I don’t think I need to expand on the sheer absurdity of that, or the all too real threat of danger to women, particularly young girls.

Say what they will, but women — even the strongest of us — can be easily dominated by a man. But then again, the left can’t define a woman, so that fact slides through their illogical arguments like a man wearing a skirt into a women’s restroom.

The left’s constant cries about women’s rights seem utterly incompatible with this defilement of the truth. You don’t get to cry bloody murder (unless, of course, it’s in support of abortion) about protecting women’s access to so-called health care based on reproductive organs, and then mandate that the very basis on which you’re demanding protection doesn’t matter.

You can’t pick and choose which rights go along with being a woman. You either believe in the truth of biology or you don’t. You either believe women deserve special protections based on the very thing that makes them women — their chromosomes and wombs and all the characteristics that come along with them, such as childbirth — or you don’t. If you believe a woman has a right to an abortion, then you have to believe they have the right to a safe space to change clothes, play sports, and be WOMEN.

Such is the absolute idiocy of the left. One cannot make it make sense.

Discriminating Against Women to Protect Men

For years, women have fought for the right not to be defined by the clothes we wear, the make up on our faces, or our body shape, but by the one thing that makes us special and unique — our ability to create, sustain, and nurture life. We fought for that special gift to be protected from abuse, violence, and harm by men who didn’t respect it or had the ability to usurp it. And now, with the stroke of a pen, a man is telling us that gift doesn’t really exist. The party that boasts about “progress” for women has single-handedly erased decades of it.

Redefining what it means to be a woman is not “progress,” it’s a lie — one the Biden administration is all too happy to promote in their desperate attempt to win votes and approval from a mentally unstable minority. They have discriminated against women in the name of, once again, protecting men. And they told us they despised the patriarchy.

Furthermore, while the left blames conservatives for trying to control women, it is their party that does so. One must apprehend the word freedom properly to understand that women (much like many blacks) are chained by the very people who claim to be their liberators.

Rather than contend with the great responsibility that comes with the power of being a woman — again, creating and sheltering another life — we’ve been convinced to turn it over to “expert” doctors, politicians, and psychologists who tell us we can shirk that duty because of the sexual liberation birth control and abortions offer. They sold the lie that women, as well as men, can disconnect sex from its procreative intention. In pursuing freedom at all costs, we’ve become trapped. We are not free. We have been used as pawns by politicians and institutions to enrich their power.

I can hear the anguished protests now. We need laws and provisions in place to protect women from even the slightest threat of assault or abuse of any kind. Laws like Title IX — or at least what Title IX used to be.

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