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Pro Tip For Logan Paul: Don’t Marry A Woman With A Massive Body Count

Logan Paul
Image CreditFDRLST / Canva

News flash: Promiscuity is bad.


Social media influencer turned celebrity fighter Logan Paul and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis are still at each other’s throats after months of feuding on social media. Danis has spent the last couple of weeks posting lewd but publicly available photos and videos of Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, showing the world Agdal had many sexual partners before Paul and has made a career out of sexualizing herself.

Feminists are complaining Danis is “slut shaming” Agdal. Meanwhile, Danis claims the boxing promotional company, Misfits Boxing, is threatening to pull the fight because Danis has taken things “too far.” Paul has clapped back, calling Danis a “moron troll” and “fake all around.”

But here’s another thought: Maybe Paul should stop thinking about Danis and consider whether a woman who brags about her lack of a “gag reflex” and that time she performed oral sex on a man “in a football stadium full of people” is really marriage material. Better yet, maybe Paul should consider not marrying anyone at all if he still thinks dating four women at once is acceptable.  

According to Danis, Paul is considering pulling out of their upcoming October fight and has allegedly reported Danis for “targeted harassment.” Danis also said Paul “can’t even train right now,” and “There’s definitely trouble in paradise.” We can’t confirm Danis’ claims, and Paul says he isn’t “rattled.” But since Danis began posting about Agdal, Paul has limited his X (formally known as Twitter) comments to those he’s following or mentioned.

Paul has increasingly identified with woke ideology and criticized “toxic masculinity,” so it’s unsurprising he hasn’t admitted to Agdal’s behavior bothering him. More likely than not, though, there’s some truth to Danis’ allegations, and Paul probably doesn’t like knowing that the woman he’s engaged to marry has been seen naked by millions of people.

Number of Prior Sexual Partners Affects Marital Success 

This has to do with human biology and the soul. Evolutionary psychologists theorize that since for most of human history DNA testing was not available and a man could never be sure if his children were truly his, men evolved to value chastity in women.

From a Christian perspective, men and women both desire chaste spouses because we were designed by our Creator to cherish what is good and abhor what is sinful. Things like adultery and promiscuity do not reflect God’s design for marriage and are equally immoral in men and women.

Logan Paul should be wary not just of the state of his and his fiancée’s souls but also of the risks their respective sexual histories pose to the success of their future marriage. Research consistently shows that having multiple sex partners prior to marriage increases the odds of divorce. 

Those who want to have a successful, happy marriage are usually better off choosing a spouse who has had few or no prior sexual partners. In other words, Agdal and Paul’s sexual pasts damage their marriageability and the likelihood that their marriage will last. Presumably, Paul wants to have children with Agdal, so it’s also worth considering the devastating psychological effect a potential divorce would have on his future children. 

The Lies of Feminism 

The overwhelming social media firestorm currently facing Agdal is certainly Danis’ fault, considering he is using Agdal for the sake of garnering social media attention ahead of his upcoming fight with Paul. That said, it’s also Agdal’s fault that the obscene photos and videos exist in the first place. Lastly, it’s feminism’s fault. Destructive feminist ideology victimizes countless women, like Agdal. It tells women that having multiple sexual partners and taking sexually-charged photos is acceptable and even good. 

It also insists that the only reason someone would find Agdal’s actions distasteful is because of “society” and the “patriarchy.” In reality, it’s the opposite. Society has aggressively tried to normalize the sexual revolution’s “empowering” sexualization of women. Yet thousands of men have been harassing Paul over Danis’ posts because they recognize there’s something inherently sad and disordered about Agdal’s actions.

When women, like Agdal, give in to the culture and the lustful desires of men by acting promiscuously, they face emotional damage and, ironically, male rejection and disrespect. This is exemplified in Danis’ tongue-in-cheek response to his critics. “[F]or anyone saying i’m slut shaming wtf you talking about i love sluts,” Danis wrote on X. I don’t doubt Danis likes the benefits he reaps from loose women, but does he respect them? No.

The Truth 

The more we continue to lie to women and men by ignoring our human nature and our God-given sensibilities about right and wrong, the more people get hurt. Indeed, the damaging messages we tell people about sex and relationships are undoubtedly contributing factors to the rising rates of depression, suicide, and divorce.   

In an ideal world, everyone would save themselves for their future spouses, but this isn’t an ideal world — it’s a fallen one. No one is perfect, and, unfortunately, generations of people have been misled and damaged by rejecting our intended design. 

However, Agdal, Paul, and the millions of others who have fallen into the sexual revolution’s trap can find redemption, love, and happiness through Christ. They can still find fulfillment in marriage through Him, which is an amazing thing. Still, denying or ignoring the sin and societal sickness behind the Paul, Danis, and Agdal drama helps no one. The truth can be painful, but it is also beautiful and will set our souls free.

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