Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman

Georgi is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and host of The 180 Cast, where she interviews people who have changed their minds on important political and social issues. She is a regular guest on Kevin McCullough Radio and other talk radio programs, and her editorial writing brings Christian and conservative principles to the foreground. She is also the co-author of “Clocking Out Early: The Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement,” and enjoys a comfortably frugal life in central Washington with her family.

No, Chris Hayes, Trump Isn’t Responsible For COVID-19 ‘Slaughter’

Democrats are bitterly clinging to a myth that if only someone else had been president, the pandemic would have passed over the United States as if by some divine mark of virtue.

Endless Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The Epitome Of 21st Century Privilege

The fear that drives people to religious zeal for COVID restrictions is a product of a 21st century Western privilege that makes unexpected death even in old age seem morally unacceptable.

The CDC Wishes You A Lonely Holiday Season. Make This Your Most Joyous Yet

However you choose to celebrate your holidays, try to connect in person with those around you and make this the most joyous and inclusive season yet.

Mask Fanatics Have Officially Abandoned Science To Control Your Life

This is our world in 2020: Not even the experts can keep pro-lockdown, pro-mask fanatics from harassing and endangering others.

If He’s Elected, Biden Will Keep The Pandemic Going To Use Its Power

An erroneous idea is gaining steam on the right: that their consolation prize of a Biden election will be an ‘end’ to COVID-19. Parties other than Biden have too much invested in the pandemic to let that happen, however.

Fauci Spills The Beans: A Vaccine Won’t End COVID-19 Restrictions

Anthony Fauci is always the harbinger of additional suffering to be inflicted by state and local governments. Count on governors parroting the new expectation.

Why Is Drew Brees Wearing The Name Of An Alleged Rapist On His Helmet?

Roy Moore was dragged through the mud as evil scum for accusations similar to those Jacob Blake’s girlfriend made to police, but Blake is being sainted.

There’s No Good Reason To Mask Toddlers

Months of data indicate masking toddlers does not curb serious COVID cases, but it does inhibit critical interactions with children and adds considerable stress to lockdown-frazzled parents.

Dutch Doctor Exonerated After Euthanizing An Unwilling Patient

If being unhappy is ‘unbearable suffering,’ then the precedent for vulnerable people, particularly the elderly and sick, is clear: Smile and don’t complain, or risk lethal injection.

How White Privilege Theory Encourages The Destruction of Property

With privilege theory quickly taking over the American discourse on race, sympathy for looters and vandals is on the rise and not slowing down.

John MacArthur Is Wrong: Don’t Wait For Permission to Reopen Church

Pastor John MacArthur says we can’t reopen church because Christians aren’t being ‘persecuted’ by health orders. But what about God’s commands for us?

Advice To Keep D.C. Schools Closed ‘Until There’s a Vaccine’ Proves We’ve Been Gaslit

‘Flatten the curve’ became ‘stop the virus’ as fast as the decline in bad news about COVID. All that’s left is to answer: Where will the goal posts move next?

Face-To-Face Relationships Are As ‘Essential’ To Human Happiness As Jobs

We desperately need to get back to work, but opening the economy while suppressing social life is like breathing oxygen into the body while suffocating the soul.

Stacey Abrams Takes Break From Governing Georgia To Lie On ‘The View’

A very self-assured Stacy Abrams indulged the hosts of ‘The View’ with lies about [the real] Governor Brian Kemp’s plan to reopen much of Georgia’s economy

Oregon Lockdown Ads: Leaving Home Might Make You A Murderer

It’s the pandemic iteration of ‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet?’ ‘If we don’t stay home, 1.4% of all Oregonians could die.’ The current numbers don’t even come close to that.

Arresting People And Closing Parks Will Cause More Civil Unrest During Lockdown

It’s better to be on the safe side, our leaders claim, but their rash decisions stoke resentment and distrust while making these lockdowns intolerable.

Destroying The Economy Will Create A Different Public Health Crisis

We should at least ask the question: Are we suffering under months-long lockdowns just to exchange one public health crisis for others?

Airlines Shouldn’t Be Given Better Bailouts Than Small Businesses

If cash transfers to failing businesses are now a given any time the economy is in crisis, then where is the bailout for small businesses?

How To Parent A Preschooler And Work Remotely While Not Going Insane

Here are three ways you can encourage learning, play, and discovery in your little ones, with minimal television and while allowing you to get your work done.

Dear Food Bloggers: Stop Yammering And Give Me The Dang Recipe

I don’t need to read your chatty recollection about a potluck where nothing happened except someone complimented your fruit salad.