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Has The Global Rollback Of Covid Shots Begun?

Public health authorities in multiple countries have begun restricting access to or recommending against shots for some groups.


In a move that major corporate media outlets refused to cover when the story dropped, the Danish Health Authority is now limiting shots for Danes under age 50 to only those who are at high risk for severe Covid or have close contact “with patients or citizens who are at higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19” in “the healthcare and elderly care sector as well as in selected parts of the social services sector.”

Fact-checkers have tried to spin this as anything but an admission that the shots aren’t totally safe and effective. But if the shots were likely to provide a benefit outweighing potential risks for younger citizens, taking into account widespread pre-existing immunity and the low risk of severe Covid under age 50 (which the Danish Health Authority has), why are they restricting vaccine administration, when Denmark already has the apparatus to do unlimited jabs for teens and adults as before? They could have told younger Danes they’re free to take a booster, but they don’t think it’s necessary. Instead, they chose to restrict access. Policies speak louder than fact checks.

Regardless of whether safety concerns helped drive the policy change, Denmark’s decision undermines the philosophy of maximum vaccination. For an entire country well-respected on the global stage to not just issue statements but actively restrict half their population from receiving doses is a serious blow to “the science” the CDC and FDA claim to rely on.

In stark contrast to Denmark’s approach, the United States has maintained a policy goal of what can be called “maximum vaccination”: Everyone should get vaccinated regardless of whether they’ve already had a SARS-COV-2 infection. Then, with few exceptions, they must get frequent booster doses indefinitely to “recharge immunity.” Yet as Denmark clearly shows, the entire world doesn’t share the CDC’s and FDA’s unfettered enthusiasm for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s cash cows. Other countries and at least one U.S. state are rolling back recommendations and even access to the Covid shots, threatening the supposed consensus on the necessity of mass vaccination.

Sweden, the favorite target of the left for refusing to lock down in 2020, announced in September that teens who aren’t “in certain vulnerable groups” are no longer eligible for Covid shots.

Britain, too, rolled back its “one-off non-urgent programme” of vaccinating healthy children under 11 last month, as noted in the last paragraph on page 25 of Britain’s “Green Book” of vaccine guidance

The beginnings of vaccine regret didn’t begin with these rollbacks, however. Some other European countries, including France, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, stopped the use of Moderna in at least males under 30 last year due to indications of an increased risk of heart inflammation. The U.K. government began recommending against the use of the AstraZeneca shot in those under 40 in the spring of 2021 due to an elevated incidence of blood clots. In the U.S., the CDC quietly restricted recommendation of the Janssen shot but maintained a full-speed-ahead, maximum vaccination approach with the mRNA shots.

Denmark’s restrictions are by far the most serious backtrack we’ve seen. Still, the most embarrassing rebuke to the U.S. CDC and the FDA comes from the Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, who recently announced a recommendation against Florida males aged 18-39 getting mRNA Covid shots. The announcement was temporarily restricted by Twitter, which is no surprise given the cozy partnerships between Twitter and the government to censor content that undermines confidence in the jabs.  

“This analysis showed an increased risk of cardiac-related death among men 18-39,” Ladapo tweeted from his verified account. “FL will not be silent on the truth.” The analysis on which the recommendation is based found an 84 percent increase in cardiac-related death among males aged 18-39 years old in the first 28 days following a second dose of mRNA vaccine (see Table 2 on page 6). The effect of the shots on all-cause mortality was uncertain in the study.

The Florida surgeon general already recommended against children getting the shot. Corporate media lashed out at Florida’s government this summer for not pre-ordering emergency-authorized vaccines for children aged six months to 5 years.  

Dr. Ladapo defended the findings of the study in this tweet thread. On Tucker Carlson, he said, “There’s been so much confusion as you know over the past few years that people have trouble sometimes identifying when something has so clearly crossed a line.”

Individual doctors and scientists who had supported the shots are now speaking out as well, weakening the illusion of consensus among health care providers that the shots are “safe and effective.” Cardiologist Aseem Molhotra, who once went on U.K. television to promote the fast-tracked Covid shots, is now vocally calling for a suspension of all Covid shots “pending full public inquiry,” citing adverse event reporting from studies and databases such as VAERS and the U.K.’s Yellow Card.  

Even Paul Offit, champion of established childhood immunizations and member of the Vaccine Advisory Committee for the FDA that has now frequently been bypassed by the department, said “hell no” to recommending the new bivalent booster, which was authorized based on data from eight mice.

The American public is sensing that the shots aren’t all the government has made them out to be. The uptake of the updated booster is pitifully low. Less than 5 percent of qualifying individuals (people who’ve already received at least two doses of Covid jab) have taken it. Uptake of the primary series among children under 5 is very low, too, suggesting that the public largely doesn’t agree it would benefit their children and that pediatricians are not actively recommending it.

With such low uptake, it’s in the best interest of CDC and FDA officials who want to save face to find their own way off the maximum vaccination highway. Who wants to be an authority making “important” recommendations that less than 5 percent of individuals will abide by? It’s embarrassing. Their guidance has arguably helped tank desire for the flu shot, an “important” and long-standing recommendation from the CDC — either because people believe, based on CDC propaganda, that they can “mask up” to avoid influenza, or because trust in annual, non-sterilizing vaccines has been shattered by promoting the “miracle” Covid shot that wasn’t. It stands to reason that they would start looking for an exit now.

​Regardless of the CDC’s direction at this point, it is a discredited and politically captured agency that fewer and fewer people are listening to. More alarmingly, trust is draining from the Food and Drug Administration, whose job it is to make sure only safe and effective drugs hit the market. They expanded emergency authorizations for these products even after knowing the elevated risk of cardiac injury.

Whether the FDA begins rescinding authorizations or approval, or the CDC makes more modest recommendations remains to be seen. Perhaps this won’t happen until a new administration “cleans house.” But the world will move on from the “safe and effective” vaccination free-for-all with or without them.

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