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Biden’s TikTok Propaganda Puppets Will Be Rewarded For Their Gullibility

The corrupt corporate media already amplify Biden’s lies without hesitation and now these TikTokers are doing the exact same thing.


As if shaking butts and lip-syncing to songs that were cool way before iPhones were invented isn’t embarrassing enough, at least 30 teens who dominate Communist China-affiliated TikTok are now actively partnering with the Biden administration to spread lies about the problems plaguing Americans.

Gas prices are up, inflation is climbing, and Americans are frustrated, but after a brief about the Russia-Ukraine conflict with the White House this week, TikTok stars are using the pro-political censorship platform to echo President Joe Biden’s claims that every crisis in the U.S. is Vladimir Putin’s fault.

“We recognize this is a critically important avenue in the way the American public is finding out about the latest so we wanted to make sure you had the latest information from an authoritative source,” White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty said at the briefing.

These naive creators quickly latched onto the White House’s wishes and started cranking out short videos restating the lies that the corrupt press and Americans hear every day from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Parroting the Biden administration’s favorite excuses for high inflation, gas prices, and other domestic crises, 18-year-old TikTok influencer Ellie Zeiler claimed that it’s not the president’s fault.

“The obvious reason: we are getting out of a two-year pandemic,” she said to explain away high gas prices. “So with people being scared of war and limited resources, prices are bound to go up.”

The truth is obviously far more complex than a one-minute clip flooded with Biden talking points but that doesn’t matter to the White House, which is happy to have more favorable publicity among terrible approval ratings, or the TikTokers creating the content.

The Biden administration has a tendency to enlist young people to spread its lies. Last year, the White House brought young pop star Olivia Rodrigo front and center when she agreed to promote the Covid-19 jab and even highlighted Gen Z wannabe-comedian Benny Drama’s visit to the West Wing where he drooled over Biden and his team. Biden himself even teamed up with the famous “dude with a sign” influencer to promote the Covid-19 shot and boost rhetoric used to justify vaccine mandates.

While it’s weird and creepy (as “Saturday Night Live” noted) that the White House enlists minors in crop tops who left home for Los Angeles mansions as soon as they went viral to get its propaganda out, the problem runs much deeper.

What’s even more embarrassing than relying on teens who haven’t even graduated high school to disseminate lies is that these kids will be rewarded for their gullibility by the corporate media and leftists who have no problem hiring dishonest reporters.

The same companies that kept promoting corrupt and compromised anchors and reporters such as Chris Cuomo, Alexi McCammond, and Yamiche Alcindor will gladly recruit these Generation Z icons to work for them. To be fair, these teens already seem to be perfect for the job.

The corrupt corporate media already gladly amplify the lies coming from the Biden administration without hesitation and now these TikTokers are doing the exact same thing. These influencers, who are already being rewarded with press coverage for doing the White House’s bidding, are part of a new generation of immature media figures who will regurgitate whatever the regime tells them to as long as it’s under the guise of “fighting misinformation.”

These TikTokers aren’t foreign or domestic policy experts but the current state of our propaganda press means they will only fail upwards. Their digital fame and gullibility will surely nudge them into industries and positions where they will benefit from falling for the regime’s lies.