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Democrats Took Control And COVID Got Worse


As we head into the second year of having handed Democrats the keys to drive us through the pandemic, let’s take stock: Wow, this sucks!

As of Monday, we’re averaging a shocking 486,000 new COVID infections each day. That’s nearly twice as many as the peak number of daily infections that took place under Trump. If voters had the benefit of knowing that not only would Joe Biden fail to “shut down the virus,” he would actually oversee the spread of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus and double the case count, what might the results of the 2020 election have looked like?

The fun doesn’t stop with just more cases. The New York Times on Monday reported that half a million K-12 students have gone back to “remote learning,” a phrase that doesn’t quite capture the devastation done to students by keeping them locked out of school. 

Left-wing writer David Leonhardt had a timely column this week on the toll it’s taking. (And by “timely,” I mean his observations come about a year too late, but better than never.) Among his findings are a study by the Center for School and Student Progress showing the rate of academic achievement in grades third through eighth that was dramatically lower in 2020 and 2021 than in previous years. For reading, it was between three and six points lower in 2021 than in previous years. For math, between five and 10 points lower.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a 51 percent increase in attempted suicide-related emergency room visits among teenage girls from 2019 to 2021.

Leonhardt wrote of his sudden epiphany that he “did not understand just how alarming the situation had become.”

Wait, you mean irreparably disrupting the mental development of children for years at a time has had an “alarming” effect? Who could have known?

And this is after Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress have shoved through trillions more in spending on testing and other ridiculous gimmicks — douse those desks with Clorox to stop the airborne virus, folks! — that were for the explicit purpose of getting schools back in motion. Instead, teacher union reps (Biden voters) have said none of it matters. They still don’t feel like going back to the classroom.

There is no way to describe the situation other than dire, which is why Democrats and “public health officials” are now doing everything they can to make it seem like it’s not. Didn’t you hear? Someone infected with COVID is actually fine after five days instead of two weeks! Did you see the great news? Total case numbers aren’t actually important anymore! Anthony Fauci even told us not to worry about hospitalizations of patients who have COVID, because the positive status is often just coincidental with the real reason people are having to check in to the hospital.

When you think about it, we’re actually doing great! The more spread, the better!

It reminds me of that witness during the Derek Chauvin trial last year who with a straight face claimed that George Floyd “had actually an exceptionally strong heart,” despite the official autopsy report detailing Floyd’s alarmingly compromised cardiovascular system and “very severe underlying heart disease.”

Major artery blockage? Nah, he was a track star!

We’re supposed to endure at least one more year of these people calling the shots on COVID. It’s never been more appropriate to wish each other good health.