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Watch Jake Tapper Prove He’s More Of A Partisan Hack Than An Actual Democrat Senator

Jake Tapper interviewing Amy Klobuchar
Image CreditAG / Twitter

CNN’s Jake Tapper lectured Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar for not reprimanding GOP Sen. Ted Cruz for going maskless at Bob Dole’s funeral last week.


CNN’s Jake Tapper lectured Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar for not reprimanding Republican Sen. Ted Cruz for going maskless at the late former Sen. Bob Dole’s funeral last week.

The scolding happened in the CNN studio, where an unmasked Tapper sat just a few feet away from an unmasked Klobuchar.

“You were at the funeral for former Sen. Bob Dole. And you were seated … next to a Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who as everybody can see is not masked, despite rules at the National Cathedral requiring all guests to wear masks indoors,” Tapper said. “Now, you’re a breast cancer survivor. You’re still recovering, I guess. … You’re 100 percent better, but you’re still at risk of infection because of this fight that you won. What was going through your mind there where Ted Cruz pulls up next to you and doesn’t have a mask on even though the rules are ‘please wear a mask to protect—’ you’d wear the masks to protect other people.”

Klobuchar said she believes people should wear masks when they are told to because “part of our duty as civic leaders is actually to model behavior” but noted that Cruz is fully vaccinated, much like herself and Tapper.

“Ted Cruz, you know, he’s gotten a vaccine. He gets that,” Klobuchar said before turning the conversation back to honoring the life of Dole.

Tapper has long been a partisan hack that moves the Democrat agenda forward through his corporate media platform. In addition to insulting GOP veterans and calling Republicans “selfish dipsh-ts,” he tried to memory-hole his years of promoting the Russia collusion hoax shortly after the 2020 election.

Some viewers have recognized Tapper’s leftist tendencies. Between January and June of this year, Tapper’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on CNN lost three-fourths of its viewership. At the beginning of the year, Tapper had an audience of about 2.8 million viewers, but by June 23, only 706,000 were tuning in to his program.