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It’s Time For Gays And Lesbians To Stand Up And Reject The Perverts Abusing Our Cause


This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual content in books for minors.

School board meetings around the country are heating up as parents protest pornographic books appearing in public school libraries. One controversial graphic novel in particular, “Gender Queer,” is available in many libraries for teens to read. It depicts a girl who fantasizes about having a penis so she can have “gay sex.” The book’s drawings depict a teen girl wearing a strap-on sex toy while another girl “fellates” the device.

A Vermont mother contacted me when she discovered “Gender Queer” in the Essex High School library, as I host a weekly video podcast called “Disaffected,” which discusses issues like this one. After filing a police report on the grounds of disseminating obscene material to minors, the Essex police chief responded on November 1:

I wanted to let you know that I have an answer from the State Attorney and also thank you for dropping off the book for me. I shared your email and attachment with their office Friday morning. The State’s Attorney has informed me that they will not prosecute on this matter. They believe that it would be difficult to satisfy the definition of ‘harmful to minors’  as that is defined by the statute. ‘The material has to appeal to the prurient, shameful or morbid  interest of minors, be patently offensive to the prevailing standards of the adult community as a whole and lack serious literary, artistic value.’ This is a high standard and would be difficult to meet. Therefore, the police department will not investigate nor become involved further in this.

That, apparently, is that. The sacred caste of trans people and any effort to support their cause can do no wrong. It’s not pornography, it’s “stunning and brave.”

This indulgence has brought society to a place where people are fired and shunned for not referring to men as women. Worse, it has normalized the symptoms of mental illness that frequently occur in children who have been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused.

Trans activism has also destroyed the gay community. What I call “original recipe homosexuals” like me are low on the totem pole beneath men and women claiming to be the opposite sex. Gay men are hounded by trans ideologues if we won’t date the slight and obviously female “trans men.” Lesbian bars have all but disappeared. Lesbians can’t say no to men in dresses without being called bigots at best or threatened with rape or murder at worst.

If you’ve paid attention to the “trans wars” on social media, you can find countless examples of lesbians being called “trans-exclusionary” or “bigots” for refusing to sleep with men. They’re not men, according to the trans activists. They’re “trans women” with “female penises.”

This screenshot is typical:

Translation: This user is a male who calls himself a woman and is angry at a lesbian who declined a date. TERF is the term of abuse to hurl at women who don’t believe that when a man says “I’m a woman,” that makes him a woman. Trans activists often characterize such women (and sane people generally) as abusive bigots.

Trans activist abuse against women has become so prevalent even the activist-sympathetic BBC covered the topic last month.

“I’ve had someone saying they would rather kill me than Hitler,” one woman told the BBC. “They said they would strangle me with a belt if they were in a room with me and Hitler. That was so bizarrely violent, just because I won’t have sex with trans women.”

But worst of all is how the trans juggernaut has taken aim at children. In 2021, we’re watching mentally unstable parents tell their children they are born in the wrong body and need to have their puberty chemically blocked. Many of these abused kids will go on to take cross-sex hormones that will leave them unable to have children. This slow poison — we call it “gender-affirming care” — ages the body and causes bones and organs to degrade and break down long before old age.

There’s a name for this: Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. We used to recognize it when we saw a parent intentionally sickening an otherwise healthy child in order to bask in the attention that comes to martyr mothers. But utter the word “trans,’” and otherwise sane people look at this grotesquerie and call it “beautiful.”

Meanwhile, states across the country are pretending humans can change sex. Legislatures are claiming to “protect trans kids” by allowing boys to compete on girls’ sports teams. Yes, these boys in dresses get to use the girls’ locker rooms, too. If you object, you’re a “transphobe.”

It’s past time to call a halt to this delusion. No child is born in the wrong body. No child needs “care” that is actually poisoning and mutilation. Gay men and lesbians my age have a term for this: Transing away the gay. Multiple studies have documented that the vast majority of kids diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” will outgrow it at puberty. Most, although not all, will become homosexual adults.

Gay men and lesbians must stand up and say enough is enough. While we congratulated ourselves on how big-hearted we were to anyone who claimed to be part of our community, predators and perverts infiltrated our ranks.

We were fighting for the right to hold a job and build a life with a partner of our choosing. Modern trans activists are working the legislative system to tear down sex-based privacy. They want to force us all to say black is white on the pain of firing or cancellation. They are using children to give their very adult psychological problems a plausible and natural backstory.

We fought for decades to achieve the same basic legal rights enjoyed by heterosexuals. Not special privileges, the same rights. The trans train is threatening to derail that and it’s threatening the health and well-being of our future, our children.