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Davis: Rittenhouse Acquittal Proves Corrupt Media Want Trial By Fury, Not Trial By Jury

The corrupt corporate media wants, “to charge you, convict you, and sentence you before you ever get your day in court,” Sean Davis said on “Huckabee.”


The acquittal of Kyle Rittnehouse proves that the corrupt corporate media are more interested in promoting leftist narratives than serving true justice, Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis said on Friday’s episode of “Huckabee.”

“We’re supposed to have trial by jury in this country. What we actually have now with corrupt media is trial by fury that they want to charge you, convict you, and sentence you before you ever get your day in court,” Davis said.

“And they didn’t just do it with Kyle Rittenhouse. They did it with Nick Sandmann. They did it with Brett Kavanaugh. They did it with Donald Trump. And they’ll do it with every last one of us if they ever get the opportunity,” he added.

Davis said the media has repeatedly lied and even knowingly pushed propaganda, such as the Russia collusion hoax, to accomplish political goals.

“The media has been saying this was about racism, even though everybody involved was white,” host Mike Huckabee said. “I never could understand how that would be racist … I mean, does this kid now go sue these folks and has he got a shot at that?”

“I hope so. I mean, he should end up owning CNN along with Nick Sandmann, who the media also tried to destroy,” Davis replied.

The best way to fight back against the corruption in corporate newsrooms, Davis said, is to call them out on their lies.

“I think the first thing we can do is actually stand up and say ‘No, that’s not true,'” Davis said. “There’s a reason these corrupt Big Tech companies want to censor so much, why they want to shut us down is because they know when people can get up and say what’s true, it is a massive threat to the people who control the narratives. The best thing you can do is just stand up say, ‘That’s not true. That’s not real.'”