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Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Referenced In Durham Indictment Of Clinton Lawyer

Jake Sullivan

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is the name behind ‘foreign policy advisor’ referenced in the Durham indictment of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann.


President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is the name behind “foreign policy advisor” referenced in the Durham indictment of former Clinton presidential campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

The Fox News revelation citing two unnamed but “well-placed sources” marks the closest Special Counsel John Durham has come to implicating anyone within the Biden administration over the course of the Russia hoax probe.

Sussmann, a Washington attorney and former federal prosecutor, was indicted in September on making a false statement to the FBI five years ago. According to Durham, Sussmann misrepresented his own capacity when making accusations to federal investigators over the course of the agency’s efforts to uncover collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

Sussmann, the indictment charges, gave the FBI three “white papers” purported to show undercover communication between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank while denying his work was on behalf of “any client.”

“Sussmann stated falsely that he was not doing his work on the aforementioned allegations ‘for any client,’ which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that Sussmann was acting as a good citizen merely passing along information, not as a paid advocate or political operative,'” the indictment reads. “This statement was intentionally false and misleading because, in assembling and conveying these allegations, Sussmann acted on behalf of specific clients.” Those clients included an executive in the U.S. tech industry and the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

The indictment also accuses Campaign Lawyer-1, who has been revealed as Marc Elias, of having “exchanged emails with the Clinton campaign’s manager, communications director, and foreign policy advisor,” with “foreign policy advisor” reportedly revealed as Sullivan.

Last week, Durham unveiled the investigation’s third indictment against Igor Danchenko, the primary sub-source for the discredited dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. Danchenko was also charged with lying to the FBI.

In January, former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was the first charged in the Durham probe, and pleaded guilty to manipulating documents to seek spy warrants on Trump adviser Carter Page. Clinesmith was sentenced to one year of probation and 400 hours of community service without prison time.