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Biden’s Approval Plummets To 37 Percent In Abysmal New Quinnipiac Poll

Biden's approval rating

According to the poll, Biden’s approval has dropped to 37 percent — despite the fact that only 23 percent of respondents were Republicans.


A new Quinnipiac poll dropped on Tuesday, and it’s a doozy for President Joe Biden, whose approval rating just keeps reaching new lows.

According to the poll, which surveyed 1,342 adults nationwide between Oct. 15 and 18, Biden’s approval has dropped to 37 percent — despite the fact that only 23 percent of respondents were Republicans. The poll was D+4.

Only 38 percent of those surveyed said they have a “favorable” impression of the president. That’s less than Trump’s 39 percent “favorable” rating in the same poll, despite the sample group leaning blue.

The poll indicates Biden’s approval has slipped across demographic groups. Not only is he a staggering 39 points underwater with white men (26 percent approve to 65 percent disapprove), but he’s also lost the support of white women and Hispanics. Approval among white women is down to 40 percent, with 53 percent disapproving, a 13-point deficit. And among Hispanics, it’s a gaping 18-point difference (33 percent approve to 51 percent disapprove).

The Democrat president’s support hasn’t just waned in quantity, but especially in quality, with enthusiasm swinging against the president. In other words, Biden’s critics dislike him more passionately than his supporters like him. While only 18 percent of respondents indicated that they “approve strongly” of how Biden is handling the presidency, 43 percent said they “disapprove strongly.”

The poll also shows that more than half the country believes we’re worse off now than a year ago (52 percent), as the president who vowed to “shut down the virus” instead has routinely mangled COVID-19 messaging and sent the economy spiraling into disaster, with worker shortages, supply and shipping crises, skyrocketing inflation and high prices, and medically coercive vaccine mandates that have led to strikes and unjust terminations.

Though the White House likes to say these failures are a result of the administration’s preoccupation with stamping out COVID and “saving lives,” polling shows the American people aren’t fooled. When asked, “What is the most urgent issue facing the country today[?]” the plurality responded that it’s the economy (19 percent), not COVID-19 (16 percent). Close behind is immigration at 14 percent, as the Biden administration continues to exacerbate its humanitarian crisis on the southern border.