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Domenech: The War On The Unborn Is Stronger Than Ever, But So Is The Pro-Life Movement

“The energy in the pro-life movement is like nothing we have ever seen before. Abortion is no longer accepted as an unobjectionable good,” Domenech said.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech called the United States’ abortion culture “one of the most radical abortion regimes in the world” on Fox News’ “Primetime” Friday night. Yet, our country’s hostility toward the unborn has fostered an energy in the pro-life movement “unlike anything we have ever seen before,” Domenech said. 

Twenty-seven European countries limit elective abortion to 12 weeks gestation, where as the United States ranks only with countries like China and North Korea where abortion is legal up until moments before a child takes their first breath. 

“For that, you have to look at our moral equals in nations like China or North Korea. Why is it that America has persisted in this extreme regime even as the rest of the world woke up to the moral reality of what abortion does to families and societies,” Domenech said. “It’s a complicated story but it’s also very simple, really. Many of us have been willing to look the other way in a vast industry of powerful forces in our country and have worked very hard to make sure that we do.”

Abortion is at the very top of the left’s priorities, “an item of faith they are wedded to stronger than any religious conviction,” Domenech said. 

“Since the moment Roe v. Wade short-circuited the legal conversation about abortion, the pro-abortion left has worked to gaslight the country into believing things that just aren’t true,” Domenech said.

“They pretended they wanted abortions to be rare. They claimed they didn’t profit from them. They denied they sold organs. They refused to acknowledge the science of what we know about unborn babies, utterly unknown to the authors of Roe by the way. They ignored the terrible and tragic impact on the poorest and most vulnerable families and on the black community in particular. More black families are aborted than born in New York City every year and that’s fine with them,” he said. 

Domenech blasted corporate media for their coverage of the issue as indistinguishable from Planned Parenthood press releases, and for being “not just universally pro-choice but obviously pro-abortion.”

But despite the darkness, Domenech said he believes there has been a shift in energy behind the pro-life movement. 

The energy in the pro-life movement is like nothing we have ever seen before. Abortion is no longer accepted as an unobjectionable good. The shout your abortion movement where women are encouraged by the abortion lobby to boast about kill their children comes across as desperate and sad. Decades of ultrasound pictures on refrigerators and women brave enough to talk about miscarriage and loss have a way of changing minds. When Iceland says they have eradicated down syndrome, good people cringe because we know what that really means.

It is through the determined work in law and politics of pro-life activists that America is at a crossroads on the issue many “once thought impossible.” The host then emotionally concluded by asking his audience to reflect on what they know to be true about human life. 

“What we are discussing tonight is the most fundamental question for us, whether the unborn lives that take root here in America are unique persons with the right to draw breath and blossom or whether they are nonpersons, lives unworthy of life, human weeds as planned parenthood Margaret Sanger called them whose destruction is a public good,” Domenech said.

“The mission that tells us to destroy a life is to destroy a whole world. The worlds that would have been with that life meant. Look to your heart, you know this to be true,” he concluded.