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Scalise Rips Corrupt Media For Amplifying ‘False Stories’ About Melania Trump

Scalise photos

‘This is another pathetic attempt by a disgraced former staffer to tell lies in order to sell books,’ Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted.


Republican Rep. Steve Scalise ripped the corrupt corporate media on Monday for amplifying a “false” story from a disgruntled former Trump staffer claiming that former First Lady Melania Trump denied to visit the Louisiana congressman after he was shot by a left-wing gunman during a congressional baseball game practice.

In her new book, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that the first lady declined to visit with the Scalise family after the representative was released because she had already seen him in the hospital.

“Her response was, ‘No, I already said hello,’” Grisham wrote.

Scalise, however, later posted pictures to Twitter of his family’s visit to the White House while he was still hospitalized and denied that Grisham’s story had any traction.

“This is another pathetic attempt by a disgraced former staffer to tell lies in order to sell books,” he tweeted. “If her publisher or a single outlet covering this story had done any fact checking, they would’ve learned it was fake. But they didn’t because it fits their fake narrative.”

Scalise not only shredded Grisham’s account as “fake,” but he also criticized the “fake news media machine” for desperately latching onto “verifiably false stories” that fit their anti-Trump narrative.

“The fact they need to stoop so low to make up verifiably false stories about a shooting victim and his family to paint a false picture of the Trumps tells you everything you need to know about their credibility,” he wrote.

Grisham recently admitted that she was prone to lie while working under Trump and that she “probably wasn’t” fully truthful when she joined Fox News for interviews during her tenure as the White House’s prime communicator.

Grisham also said she never had the desire to do a press conference because “I knew I would possibly be put in a position to stand at that podium and not be honest and lie and I didn’t want to do that.”