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How The Radical Social Justice Agenda Is Devastating Mental Health Care

mental health care

Dr. Sally Satel discusses her article ‘When Therapists Become Activists’ and explains how radical social justice is infiltrating mental health care.


On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Dr. Sally Satel, a practicing psychiatrist and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss her article “When Therapists Become Activists” and explain how the radical social justice agenda is infiltrating mental health care.

“These are people whose improvement depends partly, so often, on medication but also very much on the way they understand their problem, how they interpret relationships, how they engage in relationships, and to be told that so much of your problem is that you are a victim of a society that basically has animosity towards you or is racist whatever or anti-feminist is, it’s not a constructive way to conduct therapy,” Satel said.

“It frankly borders on malpractice because it’s the antithesis of helping a person gain insight into their situation. In other words, you’re feeding them kind of a script for what’s wrong without even exploring their individual situation,” she added. “And really that is the core of the malignancy here is that patients, individuals are subsumed under an umbrella of identity politics.”

This problem, Satel said, is often found in therapy organizations and runs much deeper than some might think.

“I think it’s quite popular in schools of counseling, which are all over the place,” Satel said.