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Homophobia In Black Men Is Caused By White Supremacy, Says Very Strange New York Times Writer

According to CRT nonsense, any bigotries, prejudices, and anti-social behavior exhibited by ethnic minorities can all be traced back to whiteness.


I’m starting to think we should be doing less to suppress ideas rooted in critical race theory and instead let them all expose themselves for how stupid they and the people who spread them really are.

Charles Blow, the forever columnist-in-training of the New York Times, is an excellent example. Blow wrote Wednesday on a few recent incidents of prominent black men who mocked, belittled, and disparaged other black men who are gay.

“Let me say first that the country has quickly evolved on the acceptance of gayness, and that includes an evolution among Black people,” he said. “But, as acceptance and visibility rise, the minority who feel threatened by gay people has grown louder. They talk in apocalyptic terms about a ‘gay agenda’ destined to recruit throngs to a gay ‘lifestyle.'”

The minority who feel threatened by gay people has grown louder? Why, that sounds awful and like something black people may want to work out among themselves.

Aha! But that’s where the social justice, critical race ideology nonsense comes in. According to that crowd, even the bigotries, prejudices, and patterns of anti-social behavior exhibited by ethnic minorities can all be traced back to the ultimate evil — whiteness.

Blow went on to say that black people who oppress other black people for being gay are actually doing so because of white supremacy. “In a society that treats racism as a sport,” he continued, “in which each racial group is jockeying against the others, all of them shadowed by a culture of white supremacy laced with misogyny, anything that reduces your percentage of straight males, or ‘feminizes’ them, is seen as weakening the race.”

Blow added that black homophobes are “doing the work of the white supremacist patriarchy.”

You probably understood none of that, but that’s because it has no foundation in logic or critical thinking (which are in and of themselves tools of white supremacy, don’t you know). No, it’s simply more excuse-making for a tendency that is, even according to leftist institutions, particularly present in a specific, non-white race.

The CDC’s website — a religious text for liberals — addresses it outright. A page on “HIV and African American People” lists the “challenges” black communities have in preventing infection. One of them is homophobia, which “can make it difficult for some African American people to be open about risk-taking behaviors.”

In other words, homophobia among black people results in a lot of black people contracting HIV because they feel pressured into keeping their homosexuality a secret.

CNN’s formerly sane Don Lemon said in 2011, “I think there is a segment of the black community — a big segment of the black community — that are homophobic and it has a lot to do with religion.” He said that “In black culture, and similar in Latino and other minority cultures, it’s the worst thing you can do as a man.”

Homophobia as an issue among black people is so well known that a 2017 headline at The Root blared the words to its 90% black audience (the other 10% are young white men who look like Rachel Maddow), “Stop Pretending to Be Shocked at Homophobia in the Black Community.”

Again, maybe we shouldn’t be trying to hush up people like Blow. Maybe we should be eagerly promoting them to show just how stupid the critical race B.S. really is.