Why The Taliban Are Now In Charge Of America’s Afghan Evacuation

Why The Taliban Are Now In Charge Of America’s Afghan Evacuation

On this episode of The Federalist, Stephen Miller, president and founder of the America First Legal Foundation and a former senior adviser in the Trump administration, joins Senior Editor Christopher Bedford to discuss why the Taliban are now in charge of America’s Afghan evacuation.

“[Biden] took all the conditions that had been established under the Trump administration and just left unconditionally, and that ultimately precipitated in everything that we’ve seen,” Miller said.

“We could have easily had a situation where we would have said to the Taliban, if you touch our embassy, this happens. If you touch our airbase, this happens. If you march on Qubool, this happens. If you attack someone who is a US government worker, who is an Afghan national, this happens,” he explained.

“So you leave your troops in place and say ‘all of these things are red lines. You cross any of these things, we execute you, we execute your leadership, we execute your top deputies and lieutenants and you’ve seen us do it and you know we can do it. You begin from that standpoint. So you’re not even in this situation,” Miller said.

Miller called Biden’s botched withdrawal the “greatest unforced error in military-strategic history.”

“There’s absolutely no reason at all we ever had to be in this situation to begin with where any of our allies or assets are under any kind of threat whatsoever,” he said.

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