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Who Is Running The US Government Right Now? Because It Sure Isn’t Joe Biden

Joe Biden

It certainly isn’t Joe Biden and his team at the White House, who have all been hiding behind each other and using vacation time to cower from the press.


It is clear that Americans need a leader now more than ever, but who is stepping up to the plate to fight this crisis head-on? It certainly isn’t President Joe Biden and his team at the White House, who have all been hiding behind each other and using vacation time to cower from the press.

Against expert and intelligence predictions, the Taliban swiftly dismantled the United State’s decades-long pet project in Afghanistan in just one weekend. This left thousands of Americans and U.S. allies stranded and at the mercy of terrorists who hate women and any religion but their own. It’s a situation that warrants all hands on deck, but the people who are supposed to be in charge of the country and barking orders to get Americans to safety seem to be snoozing, taking long weekends, and washing their hands clean of any responsibility.

It took days for the president to give a public onscreen address after Americans spent their weekends watching their TV screens in horror as years of taxpayer dollars and American sacrifices went down the drain. When Biden finally left Camp David to deliver a couple of short speeches about the Taliban’s takeover, he used them to blame former President Donald Trump’s plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan and refuse responsibility for any part of his botched withdrawal. Both of the times Biden addressed the nation days into the global mess, he refused to take questions from frustrated reporters in the White House press corps.

Biden also finally took the time to sit down with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos and give one of his only presidential interviews since taking office. But once again, he used his platform to deflect blame for his administration’s poor Afghanistan planning onto intelligence failures and lie that there was no way to avoid the chaotic events that followed the U.S troop withdrawal.

He also made flippant comments about the Afghans who died after clinging to U.S. planes and lied that “no one is being killed right now.”

“I think the American people are with me,” Biden concluded in a tone-deaf statement at the end of the interview that ignored the premise of so many people’s rage.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask the leader of our country and a global figure to do his job, but all we get is a confused, tired old man who obviously can’t handle the pressure that comes with his position and offers gibberish and false statements as reassurance.