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Democrats Are Disguising Their Dereliction Of Duty At The Border As Infrastructure

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Today on America’s southern border, a crisis is threatening the future of our country’s economy, health, and rule of law. More than 1 million migrants have already been apprehended illegally crossing into the United States this year – a number that doesn’t count those the Border Patrol didn’t catch.

This crisis – which has been largely ignored by the media – falls under the clear constitutional authority of the president and Congress. And the solution, sealing the border (i.e. finish the wall), is not only obvious and popular, but would also drive up wages and create more good-paying jobs for hard-working American families.

And yet, after months of unrelenting violence and lawlessness – and a humanitarian crisis of disease, death, and the systematic abuse of women and children – Washington Democrats’ only response is to change the subject.

Their distractions began with an unnecessary $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, months after President Trump’s vaccination program had the virus in retreat. Democrats promised this spending would supercharge the economy. All it did was penalize employment and trigger the worst inflation to hit our economy in decades. The Democrats have continued their distractions with voting rights bills, a January 6 commission, and threats of another COVID lockdown – all while avoiding a very real and dangerous crisis.

Democrats and the media have ignored the border crisis this winter and spring, openly hoping that it would ebb by itself in the Mexican summer. Instead, the heat has only made the situation more dangerous.

In July, authorities found 43 bodies rotting in the desert along Arizona’s border towns. The number of unaccompanied children along the border has more than doubled since last year. Reports of sexual assault and abuse of women and children have been rampant. Just in the last few days, Fox News reports that some detention facilities for illegal immigrants are 585 percent over capacity.

The entire border emergency could be resolved at a fraction of the cost of this non-infrastructure bill.

The Border Patrol does not test migrants for COVID-19 unless they show signs of sickness, so we don’t know how many of the hundreds of thousands of migrants coming into the country have the virus, but they are coming from countries with much lower vaccination rates than the U.S.

From the beginning of the migrant crisis on the border, Democrats and the media have tried to blame it on President Trump, or COVID, or climate change. But when reporters ask the migrants themselves why they are coming, their answer is the same: President Joe Biden is for open borders. This crisis would never have started if Donald Trump were president, because the wall would have been completed and migrants would know they would be turned away.

In recent weeks, Biden made a terrible situation worse by simply carting busloads of illegal immigrants into American communities by the thousands, without COVID tests, without court dates, without accountability.

As the crisis has ground on, Biden’s public approval has fallen. But rather than solve the problem, he and his party have turned to another shiny object to distract the country from Democrats’ incompetence, radicalism, and corruption: the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill.

As Russ Vought, President Trump’s former budget chief, said, this infrastructure bill isn’t even an infrastructure bill. Only a fraction of its $1-trillion price tag will be spent on the roads, bridges, ports, and waterways most people understand as “infrastructure.” The rest is going to environmental boondoggles, woke pet projects, and utter nonsense like $250 million to kill weeds. This additional spending is only going to add to our unsustainable national debt and escalate the inflation already strangling family budgets.

Yet in all those billions, the bill doesn’t contain a dime for a border wall or for more Border Patrol officers. Nothing to address the criminal and humanitarian crisis Democrats have created. The entire border emergency could be resolved at a fraction of the cost of this non-infrastructure bill – and at least building the wall would actually employ thousands of construction workers for months or more!

If Biden wanted to solve his border crisis, he could. If he wanted to sign an actual infrastructure bill, Congress would write one. But what Biden really wants is not solutions, but distractions.

Democrats reportedly may even try to smuggle amnesty for illegal immigrants into the final infrastructure bill. All under the guise of “investing in our future.” More debt. More inflation. More waste. More illegal crossings of the border, and all the violence to women and children that come with it. More lawlessness. And now, if we look past all the distractions, we catch a glimpse of the Democrat’s ultimate strategy – amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights to all who are coming here illegally.

This is not leadership or bipartisanship. It’s a dereliction of duty, a conspiracy of Washington elites against the American people and the country we love. This phony infrastructure bill is just a signal of where Washington and America are going under our current leadership. And unfortunately, enough complicit Republicans are willing to give this spending debacle a “bipartisan” label. All these distractions are giving the Democrats exactly what they want: ignorant voters. And they know the media will help them blame the crises and chaos on the Republicans. Let’s hope the majority of Americans can see through this charade.