Jim DeMint
Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint is a former U.S. senator representing South Carolina and the chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute.

Texans Can Dethrone ‘Abortion Rights Queen’ Wendy Davis

For those who value life and caring for the most vulnerable, the choice could not be more clear. Support Chip Roy this Nov. 3.

Why School Closures Are Anti-Science

Reopening the schools is the uncontroversial, data-based scientific consensus among the world’s medical and public health community.

Ralph Northam’s Truth-Reveal Party Unmasked Abortion’s Evil

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam accidentally pulled back the curtain on the lie the left has hung around the abortion issue for 40 years, and revealed the horror within.

Jim Jordan Is A Man of Integrity Being Railroaded With Factless Allegations

When I read the actual stories under those headlines, my reaction turned from dread to outrage. Jim Jordan isn’t being accused; he’s being railroaded.

To Drain The Swamp, Conservatives Need A DC Ground Game

It’s not enough to know the right solutions. If conservatives don’t have the knowledge, strategies, and allies to succeed, this town will beat you down until you give in.

You Have No Rights Without Natural Law

Our rights as Americans are considered unalienable only because they were inherent in the natural order of life established by the laws of nature and nature’s God.