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Ben Domenech Examines Pro-Liberty Protests In Cuba With Mike Gonzalez


Domenech was joined by Mike Gonzalez on his Fox News podcast published Monday to discuss the Cuban pro-liberty protests and what they mean.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech was joined by Mike Gonzalez, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, on his Fox News podcast published Monday to discuss the ongoing Cuban pro-liberty protests and what it means for the left.

“So, I think these are demonstrations that were sparked by the government’s botched response to COVID-19,” said Gonzalez. “People are dying in greater numbers. The vaccines that the Cuban government came up with are absolutely basura, trash, didn’t work. The people know it.”

Gonzalez, however, noted the protests broadened in scope and began to be based on the various regime problems understood by the people.

“They morphed right away into pro-liberty protests because what it did was it kind of tapped into frustration,” he said. “The 62 years of economic mismanagement that you always get with socialism. But also political repression of the brutal treatment of the government, by the government, of the people.”

In looking at the 2020 presidential election, Gonzalez and Domenech touched on Donald Trump’s success with Hispanic voters who maintain a negative opinion of Cuban repression. Domenech noted that members of the far-left have romanticized socialism, to which Gonzalez said Marxism is “a cult.”

“The ideology reigns supreme,” he said. “We’re going to have to be dealing with Marxism forever. It’s never going to go away. Our children are going to have to deal with this. They strongly believe in this to the point that it’s quasi-religious. They don’t believe their lying eyes, that socialism is an utter failure everywhere.”

Listen to the full podcast here.