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Black Lives Matter Blames U.S. For Cuban Unrest Because They Hate Freedom

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group that has asserted itself diametrically opposed to ordered liberty, signaled its support for the communist Cuban regime.


Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group that has asserted itself diametrically opposed to ordered liberty, signaled its support for the communist regime of Cuba Wednesday evening. Given this is a group that has sought to re-orient America through violent upheaval, it would have been counter-intuitive for it to issue an unequivocal statement in support of citizens being oppressed. Their words are not shocking.

“Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo,” the group wrote. “This cruel and inhumane policy, instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government, is at the heart of Cuba’s current crisis.”

“The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination,” BLM also wrote. “United States leaders have tried to crush this revolution for decades …Cuba has historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent, from protecting Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur through granting her asylum, to supporting Black liberation struggles in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, and South Africa.”

There have been days of protests in Cuba against the communist regime and harsh crackdowns that are a product of such a government. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Cane has indicated that he will oppose the pro-freedom activism with force, with the government beginning to ban social media platforms and beat up unarmed protestors.

Stern reactions to the BLM statement were swift, as lawmakers took to social media to condemn BLM for flirting with an oppressive regime.

This is all part of BLM’s blueprint. The group’s co-founder, who recently resigned after she was exposed buying million-dollar homes and sending the organization’s money to a business owned by her child’s father, said the movement is comprised of “trained Marxists.”

BLM thrives on lawlessness and disorder, and look no further than the close to $2 billion worth of damages from last summer across the country from rioting. The “most expensive in insurance history,” Axios reported. This low estimate does not even include any activism that occurred after June 8.

It is completely on-brand that a far-left organization focused on burning down cities until “equitable” demands are met would, unironically, blame people seeking actual liberation. This is a significant pro-freedom protest, but left-wing outlets have sought to call it “anti-government,” jiving to the same tune of “mostly peaceful” BLM and Antifa protests.

But there is one more ultimate contradiction. BLM calls to defund the police endlessly, declaring war on law enforcement after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent conviction of Derek Chauvin. But it seems this hatred for cops does not extend overseas — to less free shores — where officers stomp on non-violent protestors in the streets.

We know where BLM stands. They are a communist-run group, backed by communist-sympathizers (See: George Soros). One of their biggest talking heads, New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, said in 2019 Cuba is “the most equal multi-racial country in our hemisphere” whose revolution resulted in “the end of codified racism.”

Expecting a morally bankrupt organization to decry violence on citizens seeking freedom is far above its pay grade.