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Chris Bedford: Predatory Media Are Grooming Kids With Oversexualized Content

Christopher Bedford

Chris Bedford slammed the New York Times for calling for children to be exposed to ‘pornography literacy’ and other sexual ideas. 


Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford slammed the New York Times and other left-wing media outlets on Fox News on Friday for calling for children to be exposed to “pornography literacy” and other sexual ideas.

“It shows you that the New York Times thought that this was appropriate and thought that the explanations at this exhibit were appropriate, which I read, and were absolutely disgusting,” Bedford said. “This is part of a huge trend in American media. Just earlier this week, the Washington Post published a former prostitute’s take on how children as young as elementary-school ages should be exposed to sexually explicit gay imagery to uplift them.”

The Washington Post ran an op-ed last week calling for children to attend gay pride parades and observe “kink.” In addition to media malfeasance, Chicago Public Schools is planning to hand out condoms to fifth graders this upcoming school year in the name of “equity” and “anti-racism.”

“The Chicago schools [said] that in order to fight racism this week, they’ll be handing out free condoms to fifth graders. There’s a whole thing that’s going on in this country, and there are people calling it uplifting and gender-positive and sex-positive. … But normal people would call this grooming. It’s child predatory behavior,” Bedford said. “Children shouldn’t be exposed to kink.”