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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Keeps Up Tired Crusade To Frame GOP As Critical Race Theory Conspiracists

Joy Reid

Joy Reid went on a tirade Wednesday evening with the goal of further discrediting the backlash movement against critical race theory. 


MSNBC’s Joy Reid went on a tirade Wednesday evening with the goal of further discrediting the backlash against critical race theory.

“But we begin ‘ReidOut’ tonight with the insidious underbelly of the GQP culture war,” Reid said, likening fringe QAnon conspiracists to the Republican Party fighting against critical race theory. “Republicans aren’t running an election. They’re waging an all-out war for power that increasingly is based on and steeped in the Trump cult and even white nationalism.”

“Look no further than the ongoing hysteria over race-conscious education — what they are shamelessly and falsely representing as critical race theory,” she continued. “Radicalized parents across the country are targeting school boards. … Leading the charge in this fight is right-wing media. Yesterday Fox mentioned critical race theory more than 100 times.”

Reid’s comments come weeks after she brought investigative journalist Christopher Rufo on the show, during which time she smeared him as lying about and even making up critical race theory. Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributor to City Journal, has exposed diversity training after training in corporate board rooms. Earlier this week, he documented defense contractor Raytheon’s “intersectionality” and “equity” efforts with employees.

Yet the MSNBC host presents Rufo’s evidence as a made-up hoax, devoting special attention to her interpretation of the “right-wing cabal” of anti-CRT parents.

Shortly after, Reid brought on NBC reporter Ben Collins to discuss the matter. “Followers of QAnon, who are now using the battle cry to similarly target schoolboards,” Reid said, “with many who have espoused QAnon theories now melding their own conspiracies with the lies about critical race theory.”

Collins, who supposedly writes on “disinformation, extremism and the internet,” went on to describe how the opposition to critical race theory is strictly composed of anti-maskers who decided to add another item to their “laundry list.”

“They are using Michael Flynn’s rallying cry to take over the school boards, run for school board, run for public office,” said Collins, prompting Reid to discuss how Christianity is allegedly a hotbed for white nationalism.

With condescension and language manipulation, Reid has joined other corrupt media in rejecting the existence of critical race theory — even as they co-opt and perpetuate its ideas.