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CNN Smears Sen. Ron Johnson As ‘Climate Denier’ For Not Bowing To Climate Alarmism


CNN smears Sen. Ron Johnson as a “climate denier” for refusing to bow down to the left’s unscientific climate alarmism.


CNN’s Chris Cuomo opened his Tuesday monologue smearing Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson for refusing to bow down to climate alarmism after a new “KFILE” report found a video of Johnson calling climate change, “bullsh-t.”

KFILE reported Johnson told attendees at a June Republican Women of Greater Wisconsin luncheon, “I don’t know about you guys, but I think climate change is — as Lord Monckton said — bullsh-t.”

Cuomo blasted Johnson for his comments. “We need to call out garbage in the form of the game,” he said. “The target tonight, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson … Sounds like a denier, no?” He continued:

Now many see Johnson as just selling stupidity. I see something worse. I know this guy. I remember him when he came to the Senate. Businessman, and he said, ‘I don’t know anything about this politics, I’m just here to make things happen.’ …He wanted to come on my show and show economic theories and principles and do charts to justify policy. Now he’s this. This is how he responds to a heatwave gripping North America.

Johnson failed to walk the politically correct line, so CNN thought they scored a win. But in reality, the senator provided a full comment to the outlet that it did not include in its story. Reporters Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski included the first four sentences of Johnson’s response.

“My statements are consistent. I am not a climate change denier, but I also am not a climate change alarmist. Climate is not static. It has always changed and always will change,” Johnson said.

The rest? Deemed irrelevant to the narrative, as spokeswoman Alexa Henning indicated to The Federalist. Here’s what they left out:

I do not share Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s view that the “world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Or President Biden saying the “greatest threat” to U.S. security is climate change. I consider those to be extreme positions — to say the least. At some point, all the Malthusian predictions that have not come true should begin reducing the credibility of the scaremongers. But that would take honest reporting by mainstream media, so I’m not holding my breath.

Marc Morano and other seasoned energy experts have consistently exposed climate alarmism as another way for the left to expand government regulation on false premises.

Cuomo connected the heatwave across the country to climate change. But Morano, the author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think” and a former George W. Bush administration staffer in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, told The Federalist this is false.

“Any heatwave, hurricane, tornado outbreak, etc., are always used by the media and other climate activists as some kind of ‘proof’ of a climate emergency,” Morano said. “At least these claims are more plausible than claims that building collapses or illegal immigration is caused by ‘climate change.'”

Morano said the current global satellite temperature for June 2021 is below the 30-year average, and that in addition to the U.S. heatwave, there are ongoing record cold temperatures elsewhere.

“The media gaslight anyone who mocks ‘global warming’ on a record cold or snowy day but has no problem doing the exact same thing whenever it’s hot. As University of Alabama climate scientist John Christy’s research has found: ‘About 75% of the states recorded their hottest temperature prior to 1955, and over 50 percent of the states experienced their record cold temperatures after 1940,'” he said.

Johnson said climate change is “bullsh-it,” and he is not wrong. He even told CNN “climate is not static” and that he is “not a climate change denier,” but the outlet wants to mold a narrative.