Why The Climate Conversation Is Untethered From Reality

Why The Climate Conversation Is Untethered From Reality

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Liberty Oilfield Services CEO Chris Wright joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his viral video calling out North Face for its hypocrisy on petroleum use in its products and how the dialogue on energy is tainted by climate alarmism.

“North Face caters great gear to some of the best athletes on the planet to climb and adventure. All that’s just simply impossible without oil and gas,” Wright said.

Think of these great climbing crews they bring to Antarctica. How do you get to Antarctica and go climb in Antarctica, you know, without flying on airplanes, again, bringing a bunch of gas with you to burn to create water and food? You’re all in clothes made out of oil and gas, your tents are made out of oil and gas. So to me, it’s a combination of wealth, materials, and portable energy that enable these.

People don’t understand the level of reliance American society has on oil and gas, Wright said, because companies, politicians, and activists often benefit from raising panic about a climate crisis.

“North Face to me is really much more a symptom, than the cause of the problem. The cause of the problem is just now education. The media and politicians and activists have a huge interest in promoting that climate change is a crisis,” he said.

“Their policies are hardly tied to actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions because that’s not really their goal, that’s not their motivator,” Wright said. “If you’re under 35 or 40 today, your whole life you’ve been taught that oil and gas is evil and that climate change is a growing crisis in threat to the planet. So, I mean if that’s all anyone heard I’m not surprised they believe it.”

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