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Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Glenn Youngkin Pledges, ‘We Will Not Teach Critical Race Theory’ In Schools

Glenn Youngkin and Ben Domenech

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin said on Fox News that he would stand against critical race theory in government schools if he’s elected.


Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin appeared on Fox News Monday and said he would stand up to critical race theory if he’s elected, reacting to the recent suspension of a teacher for a fiery speech against the transgender movement.

“On a day where we’re celebrating and honoring and remembering the 1.2 million Americans who gave their lives for our freedom, to protect our Constitution, it’s amazing to me that we see a Loudoun County school board ignore and absolutely trample on Tanner Cross’s constitutional rights to express not only his religious beliefs but also his right to free speech,” Youngkin said. “At a time when they invited such a discussion and now they are trying to cancel him simply for expressing his views that are in the best interest of the children and expressing his faith. It’s absolutely shameful.”

Elementary school physical education teacher Byron Tanner Cross was placed on administrative leave after rejecting the notion that a “biological boy can be a girl and vice versa.” The Virginia county has been continually pushing critical race theory and paid a woke contracting group more than $420,000 in 2019 for services. In March, a bombshell story broke about how teachers in the county had developed a list of parents who dissented from the dogma in a Facebook group.

“What we’re seeing right here, right now in Loudoun County, is the liberal left waging a cultural war, and the victims are our children,” Youngkin said. “And who’s standing up for them? Not the politicians. But in fact parents and teachers. And who’s going to stand up for the parents and teachers right now where the school board isn’t and politicians aren’t either?”

“And as governor, I will stand for excellence in education. We will not teach critical race theory, and I will stand up for teachers and parents against these kinds of cancel culture initiatives,” the candidate continued. “And oh, by the way, who is standing up for Tanner Cross? I will tell you, as governor, I’ll have his back. I’ll stand up for the teachers, I’ll stand up for the parents. I actually call on that school board right now in Loudoun County to reinstate Tanner Cross fully because they have absolutely ignored his constitutional rights. His best interest is the children right now. They should reinstate him right now, and as governor, I would call for that.”