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Students Reunite After Discovering They Grew Up In Chinese Orphanage Together

Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki

Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki tell the story about how as two college students riding on a bus, they discovered they were adopted from the same Chinese orphanage.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Liberty University students Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki join Staff Writer Jordan Davidson to share the heartwarming story of how they reconnected with each other and their faith on a bus ride to class after discovering that they were adopted from the same orphanage in China.

“[Ruby] and I actually pulled up a very similar picture where I was on a slide. And her and I had our phones next to each other and we were just comparing the background and the slide and everything. And I’m like ‘wow, this is the same place.’ And then, in one of my photos is one of our mutual friends. Her American name is Emma… and I think that’s when we both realized that we were from the same orphanage.”

Both Cole and Wierzbicki believe that their meeting was not a coincidence and say that reuniting has opened more doors for them to grow their friendship and gain perspective about God.

“It’s very easy just to take it from ‘oh it’s a small world,’ but because we take it from a different perspective and not a popular perspective either, as far as giving credit where it’s due, which is to God 100 percent,” Wierzbicki said. “God totally orchestrated this.”

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