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The Marriage Of Media And Radical Leftism Distorts America’s Self-Image

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

The narratives perpetuated by reporters, activists, and others who choose to ignore the facts, are doing the opposite of justice.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Assistant Editor Kylee Zempel join Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to outline how the corporate media adopt radical left narratives that purposefully distort the U.S.’s self-image.

“My first reaction was I need to find out what actually happened and I don’t think that any corporate media or politicians have that instinct at all,” Zempel said of when she heard that a police officer shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

“They see these isolated instances, they get a few details that seem juicy, and they instantly run with it. And that’s how you create a narrative and gin up emotions and protests and enthusiasm for your movement before you know any of the facts. It truly, honestly is effective at inciting violence,” she said.

These narratives perpetuated by reporters, activists, and others who choose to ignore the facts, Bedford said, are doing the opposite of justice.

“For the last year we’ve had … store owners standing in front of ashes that were their lives, old men who went down to protect their friends’ stores, retired police officers never returning to their wives gunned down in the streets, police officers run over with cars because they stood in line to try and protect cities, federal agents blinded temporarily, store owners beaten, people murdered, looting, with no repercussions while these fruitcakes chant ‘no justice, no peace,” Bedford said.

“They claim, ‘well that’s justice, that’s justice for George Floyd’…Everything you’re saying is a lie. The whole point of view is to say that America is not just. You’re saying that injustice is justice.”

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